Tuesday, December 8, 2020

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Healthcare

  How Technology is Shaping the Future of Healthcare

As technology continues to push industries around the world to new heights, it is also opening up entirely new avenues in healthcare that couldn’t have even been conceived of 50 years ago. 

From robotic surgery giving surgeons the chance to operate on patients remotely, to surgeries being done without the need of a doctor at all, the technology that once seemed to be out of a 90’s sci-fi movie is fast becoming reality, opening up a world of possibilities for the future of healthcare. In this article, we look at some of the technology that is already making a big impact on healthcare globally. 



Thanks to the huge focus on communication and the expansion of the mobile internet, the future of day-to-day healthcare is rapidly moving into the digital sphere. Telehealth involves the use of a combination of digital information technology and communication technology to allow people to access healthcare from the safety and convenience of their own home. While not a replacement for regular healthcare services, when used in conjunction with other services, telehealth can help make healthcare more affordable and thus more accessible. 

It can save the time of patients and healthcare practitioners alike, and it can alleviate some of the strain on public healthcare services, such as emergency departments. This is especially helpful during situations such as the global Covid-19 pandemic as it means that people have access to medical resources 24/7 but do not need to risk leaving their homes to receive assistance.

Remote health is making huge strides in the mental health care industry as it allows more people than ever access to trained mental healthcare professionals for a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy. Remote healthcare also means that professional help and advice is always available for those who need it. 

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As telehealth becomes more popular, mobile health monitoring equipment, including wearable devices, that are used to provide medical practitioners with vital information about their patients will also become increasingly popular. Wearable devices that can check everything from heart rate to blood oxygenation, blood pressure and more, can provide doctors with vital information about patients even if they are in a different country, which reduces the barrier to healthcare even further. 

Mixed Reality and Education

While telehealth is making great strides in giving more patients access to medical care, technology is also changing the way future doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners are being trained. Mixed reality technology, which includes both full virtual reality as well as augmented reality, is changing the way people are learning and interacting with their learning materials. 

Virtual reality simulations provide an ideal environment for doctors and nurses in training to learn more about the human body than they ever could from a textbook. By projecting a model of the human body that can be taken apart virtually, medical students can study anatomy at a level that was never thought possible. It also opens up new learning avenues by allowing students to remotely view live surgeries or recorded surgeries in VR where they can watch and learn from experienced doctors and professionals whom they may never meet in person. For example, a person who may be training to be a neonatal nurse practitioner could be given access to VR surgery examples that could give them valuable insight into operations they may only have read about in a textbook. 

Robotic Surgery

It is not only medical education that stands to benefit from VR and AR technology. Through a combination of augmented reality technology and robotics, surgeries that were once only available to people who could afford the best medical care possible are now more accessible than ever. 

Robotic surgery, or surgery that is carried out by image-guided robots, is often less invasive than regular surgery, is more precise, and patients often heal quicker and are less prone to infection when operated on by a machine. While a surgeon is still required for the operation, being able to operate remotely means that they can operate on a patient from anywhere in the world, saving time and resources and allowing those surgeons to help more people than they could if they had to travel from place to place. 

Quantum Computing

If robotic surgery seems like something out of a sci-fi novel, then quantum computing may seem even more foreign. The basic idea of quantum computing and machine learning is that, with enough data, a computer program can be trained to give doctors a complete list of possible outcomes relating to complex scenarios such as drug interactions, risks of surgeries, and so much more. For example, a doctor looking to prescribe a specific medication to a person can use quantum computing to explore exactly how that person’s body may react to the medication based on data collected from other patients, as well as information gathered about that specific patient’s medical history. 

In a field called genomic medicine, which involves the study of human genes and how they interact with a person’s health, quantum computing is being explored as a way of cheaply sequencing human genomes. The information in a person’s genes can help doctors make more accurate diagnoses, more accurately assess their risk of genetic disorders and hereditary conditions, and also help in prenatal testing for hereditary or genetic disorders. 

Cancer Immunotherapy

While genomic medicine is hoping to pick up medical issues before they become a problem, immunotherapy is more interested in curing diseases that are already affecting a person. Immunotherapy involves the prevention or treatment of diseases by altering the way the human immune system responds to the disease. In cancer patients, immunotherapy is being used to stimulate or boost a person’s natural immune system so that it can better combat the formation and spread of cancer cells. Immunotherapy is also being used in patients with various autoimmune diseases by helping that person’s immune system better identify the difference between cancer cells and normal cells. 

Technology has already had a huge impact on our current healthcare system and, as further discoveries are made and more uses for existing technology are found, the possibility of better healthcare for all people becomes more and more realistic. The future of healthcare is certainly shaping up to be exciting for patients and healthcare workers alike.

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