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Best WordPress Practices A Developer Should Follow

 Best WordPress Practices A Developer Should Follow

WordPress is an open-source content management system written in PHP. It was created as a blog publishing system, which has now evolved to support other web content types as media galleries, traditional mailing lists forums, and learning management systems. 

With the change in WordPress's core code and ecosystem, one can create any website with WP. Businesses like e-commerce choose WordPress for the creation of their e-stores. 

One can create pretty much everything on WordPress, like business websites, resumes, portfolios, social networks, membership sites, etc. WP provides benefits like being free, open-source, pre-built with themes and plugins, easy to install, etc. 

The Difference Between and, also called self-hosted WordPress, is free, open-source software that one can install on its web host to create a fully owned website., a for-profit, paid service software, powered by Though it is simple to use, one loses a lot of flexibility of the self-hosted WordPress.

Before you hire a WordPress developer, let’s take a look at the practices they should follow,

Adhere To Coding Standards

The WordPress Community is a vast community of developers who have worked tirelessly to establish this platform. Through their trial and error coding, we have one of the most sought after website development platforms today. In doing so, excellent coding standards have been implemented to ensure the best success and security. 

If you are creating a theme via PHP, look for the coding standards of PHP for WordPress, and similarly, if you plan to develop on JavaScript, look for coding standards of JavaScript on PHP. Maintaining reliability in the coding process is very important as it forms the central base in the development process.

Stay Updated

WordPress releases updates frequently in a year. Major updates are based on security, maintenance, themes, and plugins. These updates are essential for the integrity of your website. Make sure to check them every month. 

Ensure Security

In this world of cutthroat competition and cyber hacking, intruders try to get in by breaking through the security of your website. Unwanted access could mean spam comments, spam login attempts, or even malicious bots that bring in tons of traffic for attempting to take your website down. A few simple ways in which developers can prevent security breaches, like picking up complicated usernames and passwords, using a captcha on any submittable form, and using plugins for additional security.

Practices for Writing Code

Readability, reliability, and flexibility are the three primary rules for writing correct code for WordPress. It’s good to leave space while writing your codes as WordPress says, “when in doubt, space it.” While writing code for WP, you should keep in mind that this code is not just for you; it should be readable by other developers. 

As a best practice, it is good to prioritize readability over short or clever codes. Including through notes while coding is also useful as this will help you tweak your codes in the future.

Beyond being readable, your code should also follow the reliability and coding standards for WP. 

A reliable code is one that is structured consistently. For ensuring the best reliability during the WordPress updates, your classes, functions, and hooks should be in alignment with your WordPress core.

Last, ensure your WP code should be flexible to edit in the future.

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Practices for Structuring Code

It is advisable to hire best WordPress coders who follow all the structured patterns for coding as writing the right code can be half the battle won in development. WordPress has a few general structuring rules, like maintaining file and directory structure, understanding template hierarchy, maintaining spaces and separation, and showcasing the best skills for designing. 

It’s essential to understand the default file and dictionary hierarchy within WP, as understanding this structure allows you to position your code in the right place. Another important aspect while developing on WP is understanding the template hierarchy, as it will help you choose the template for each post. As said earlier, spacing in codes can make a big difference in readability.

Code Testing

You might not get your development right for new features, plugins, or child theme at the first go. One thing that can enable the trial and error of development is Test Driven Development (TDD). You can conduct a test before writing a code and similarly write enough code to pass the test successfully. By doing so, it will save your time for building more significant tests. 

In an ideal development workflow, you can use Test Driven Development Methods within a development system. This means you allow your team members to check out code from the central library, make changes, call them back into the library, and deploy them regularly to the website. 


No matter what kind of website you want to develop, WP gives you numerous reasons to choose it as it is free of cost, open-source, extensible with a vast ecosystem of themes and plugins, and easy to install. WP is one of the best Content management systems written in PHP. 

For timed and accurate website development, it is suggested to hire WordPress developers who follow WP's stated guidelines. As mentioned above, practices like adhering to coding, being updated about the new updates, ensuring security, etc., are essential for the developers to follow. This will provide a seamless development experience, which has room for improvement in the future.

Additionally, developers should also follow essential coding structures like readability, reliability, and flexibility. Writing codes is one of the initial and essential features of website development. Ensuring standardization and credibility in doing so will complete a significant chunk of the development module. 

WP is the most popular way of creating websites. As said before, if you want to build any type of website, from a blog to e-commerce, WP is the best solution. Just remember, self-hosted WordPress gives you more flexibility, ownership, and benefits of the WordPress community.

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