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10 Reasons Why People Seek Government Jobs


10 Reasons Why People Seek Government Jobs

In today’s generation, youth is building a career out of their passion. We are a part of this dynamic culture. With time the craze for jobs has shrunk amongst the youth of the country. More or fewer people are working according to their goals. 

Though these kinds of work profiles do not have a certain salary attached to them. However, youth is following them with open hearts because of the satisfaction value attached to these profiles. 

Times are changing. And we as humans have developed a lot. With the internet, technology, and advanced infrastructure, there is zero doubt about it. T

hough technologies have given a plethora of opportunities to youngsters on one hand. While on the other it has decreased the traditional ways of earning money. Despite this fact, people are actively taking online courses for government jobs preparations. 

Earlier people used to work so hard to get a government job in order to have a standard living. Then came the private sector which built an instant market wherein people love to work. Private Sector or Corporate Sector not only offers a good salary but also a plethora of other benefits. The old school belief of having a decent government job has gone out of the window. 

In the current time, youth doesn’t look for government jobs as a secured means of living. They often relate to many disadvantages that government jobs offer. We are going to break this dilemma. There are many advantages which a government job offers. 

This is the primary reason why a major part of youth is still trying to get through it. Middle class or lower class people still virtue government jobs. This is because people of the higher class are running a good family business or have other sources to live a quality life. They definitely know about the bubble of the private sector. At the same time, they also know the innumerable benefits that the government sector gives apart from salary.

In this article, we have clubbed ten reasons that make people go for government sector jobs even in the 21st century. Let’s get started:

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Salary is always on time: 

In government jobs salary is always on time no matter what. Even if the country is under great economic depression or everything is going out of hand. In either case, the monthly salary always comes on the fixed date in the account.    

However, in the private sector salary depends upon the financial condition of the company. If the company is in good financial health, making a profit, then only the company pays its employees. Therefore, people go for Sarkari jobs more often. 

Pensionable till date:

In the majority of government jobs, employees do get a fixed pension after retirement until one dies. Henceforth, government jobs are life security. In the private sector, a large percentage of companies do not provide pensions. In government jobs, the fear of firing is barely minimum. However, in the private sector, the firing can happen at any time of the day or year. He/she can leave his/her job peacefully and enjoy retirement. This is the reason why people love government jobs over private jobs.

Work Load:

In government jobs, the workload is relatively less compared with the stress that the private sector gives. The best part about government jobs are you don’t have to work on holidays or from home. Everything has to be done at the office only. Less workload also amplifies your happiness and quality of life.

This workload has a negative aspect attached to it as well. This is so because in Sarkari Naukri a person can get only a fixed amount and the chances of increments are very less. However, in the private sector, the chances of increments and promotions are a lot more. The hard reality is one has to toil day and night to make both ends meet in either of the sectors.

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Housing Facility:

Many government sector jobs come with housing facilities. This means government officials don't have to bother about home loans or mortgages. Government quarters are spacious as well. In today’s time, people working in the private sector also get apartment facilities. 

This allows the person to save money for future use. The tension of paying monthly rent also goes out of windows. In some government jobs, officials get a certain amount for buying a house. House loans are easily available to them at very low-interest rates as well.   

Free Medical Services:

Everybody knows about the importance of health care in one’s life. The government gives its employees access to free medical services for the entire family and not just for the employees. This implies employees and his or her family can be treated at a very minimum or free cost. This is one of the many reasons why government job seekers are more in middle-class families.

At the same point, some private companies also provide medical facilities and health insurance but the number is significantly less.   


The government pays all types of allowances to its employees. From grocery to traveling, all type of expenditure is subsidized by the government. Dearness allowance (DA) and Travelling Allowance (TA) are two types of allowances that every government employee gets.  

The government gives allowances to travel to any part of the country on a yearly basis for the whole family. In the private sector, these types of jobs are difficult to find. 

Holidays and leaves are more:

One can get the maximum number of holidays in government jobs. Since India is a land of festivities, there are a plethora of festivals. Apart from them, there are casual and sick leaves. Females also get maternity leave for nine months.  In India, many females prefer to prepare for government teaching exams to become government school teachers. 

Social Security:

In government jobs, social security is much more. One gets allowances of various kinds from the government. The sense of social security is much more. One also gets a good amount of money at the time of leaving the job. 

We hope these benefits will give you a clear understanding of how helpful government jobs can be for an individual and his/her family.  At Make My Career, you can prepare yourself for the government sector jobs where you will be provided live classes from high qualified and well trained trainers.


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