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Why and How Should You Teach GK to your Class 1 Kid?


Why and How Should You Teach GK to your Class 1 Kid?

Out of all the things that we need to know and learn, GK or General Knowledge is one of the most important. This does not stand true only for the students of higher classes and adults, but also kids. Sound general knowledge makes kids aware of the things happening around them and builds confidence in them. 

General Knowledge is the information on a broad range of facts regarding various topics and subjects. GK questions for kids is as important and even more as any other subject they learn in school. The way Hindi and English help children to communicate with each other, Mathematics assists them in basic numbering and calculations, similarly, general knowledge makes them a more informed human being.

Why is General Knowledge important?

Here is why GK is very crucial in the growth years of your child:

Makes kids more aware

GK is nothing but knowledge about one’s surroundings. So, when kids learn general knowledge, they get to know their environment better. They get to know about birds, animals, humans, plants, mountains, etc. 

Enhances functionality of the brain

A human brain functions better when it is exposed to more knowledge. The more your kid tries to accumulate information in his/her brain, the more active his/her brain becomes. 

Boosts Confidence

A sharpened mind reflects the confidence that a less active brain cannot. Kids and individuals who have a better comprehension of their environment tend to be filled with a lot more confidence and self-esteem than others do.

Makes them stand out from the crowd

When your kid is full of knowledge and awareness, it is obvious that he/she will no more be a part of the crowd.

Learning leads to more learning

It is a matter of a few days when you will need to push your child a bit to be receptive towards general science. Once the interest is developed, the kid will continue to have that hunger for knowledge as learning leads to more learning. 

Given numerous benefits of being equipped with a good understanding of general knowledge right from formative years of learning, as a parent, you should also be aware of the ways in which you can assist your kid. Given below are some steps that you can take to apprise them of their surroundings. 

How can you assist your Class 1 Kid in learning GK?

Make learning more fun

Kids of primary classes cannot be expected to exhibit interest in learning theory and lengthy texts. They need to be given the right amount of information in a way that teaches and entertains them. Thus, it is a must to make learning fun for them. BYJU’S offers a wide range of learning materials that are proven to engage and educate kids on varied subjects.

Encourage your kid to stay curious

Adults sometimes curb the curiosity of children by discouraging them from asking questions. As a parent, you must try to keep the inquisitiveness of your kid alive.

Instil a habit of reading facts and taking GK Quizzes

Instigate a habit of reading, listening to and learning facts about the environment in your kid. Also, motivate him/her to take up general knowledge quizzes at regular intervals.

In this era of cut-throat competition, it is a must to keep your child up-to-date with the ongoing in the world. Class 1 is a very important stage in a person’s life. It marks the beginning of the phase of extensive learning. GK for Class 1 is one such subject that will prepare your kid for facing the challenges and conquering them with flying colours. BYJU’S is a one-stop solution for all the needs of your kid’s education.

BYJU’S offers a lot of intriguing resources for kids that will entice and educate them at the same time.  For the most exciting learning experience, visit BYJU’S website now!

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