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Which Country Produces The Best Basmati Rice?

Which Country Produces The Best Basmati Rice?

People have so many questions in their minds about basmati rice. Many people think that Basmati rice is unique. This, somehow, is different from the rice that is used regularly in the kitchen. Or maybe expensive? Super rare? But what exactly is basmati rice? 

Why do we all like to eat with special curries and meat? To clarify all these, first, you have to know about different types of rice.

Different Kinds Of Rice

Although there are around 40,000 varieties of rice, according to their size, they are classified into three groups; long-grain, medium-grain, and short-grain rice. The Basmati rice, American long-grain white rice, and Jasmine rice are the three most popular long-grain rice types. 

Medium grain rice lies between long-grain and short-grain rice. They are round in shape and tender to eat. Arborio and Valencia are the two major types of medium grain rice widely used in the Middle-East, and Korean cuisines. Lastly, the short-grain rice; short-grain rice length is shorter than both long grain and medium grain rice (around 5.5 mm). 

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They are very sticky and full of starch. They are used in such recipes which require creamy textures, like sushi, puddings, and molded salads. Some of the famous short-grain rice are American brown rice, Bomba rice, and Sushi rice.

Smell And Taste Of Basmati Rice

The Basmati Rice is well known for its aroma, and the most interesting thing is that its fragrance is enhanced with aging. 

The aroma of Basmati and Jasmine rice is almost similar, but Jasmine is quite nutty in taste, while Basmati is tender and fluffy. You can say that Basmati is the queen of fragrant rice and has been cherished for centuries at weddings and special occasions. Its exceptional fragrance makes it more appetizing when cooked.

Although China tops among the rice-producing countries, however, India comes first when it comes to basmati rice. Not just that, it is also the largest exporter of Basmati rice in the world, followed by Pakistan.

Origin Of Basmati Rice

The "Basmati" is a Hindi word, which means "Fragrant." It is clear from its name that Basmati belongs to the Indian subcontinent. 

The history books assuredly mentioned that Basmati had been cultivated in India for centuries, and the earliest type of Basmati rice was 1766's "Heer Ranjha." 

However, later on, it was introduced in the Middle East and Central Asia by Indian merchants. And it is spelled differently in different countries; some call them Bans-Matti, Bansumutti, Bansumutte, or Bansumutti, etc.

Countries Producing Best Basmati Rice

The Basmati rice is cultivated in wet and fertile land. It is extensively grown by India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. But when it comes to the best quality Basmati rice, nothing else can beat the aroma and taste of Indian Basmati rice. 

It is very long in size and is aged for long periods, which makes its aroma appetizing. Whether you want to cook biryani, fried rice, jeera rice, or any other cuisine, India's Basmati rice's unique flavor adds an extra touch to every dish and enhances its taste. 

India produces 70% of the world's basmati rice, and Punjab (a state of India) is the largest exporter of the Basmati rice. You will find the Indian Basmati rice in every country of the world.

Apart from Indian Basmati rice, the quality of Cambodian rice is also up to the mark. But it does not produce rice on a large scale. And due to the unorganized industrial sector, it sends the unprocessed rice to Thailand and Vietnam.

Wrapping Up:

Because of its distinctive taste and aroma of Basmati rice is very famous around the world. It is the most widely used ingredient in many dishes in many countries. Basmati rice is about 8.4 mm in size, making it significantly more expensive than other types of rice.

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