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Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

Social networking apps are one of the most popular communication tools that you can download on your mobile phone devices connected to the internet. All of the social messaging apps available on the web are free for communication and you don’t have to pay a single penny to use any social media app. You can perform plenty of social activities via instant messaging apps likewise text messages, conversations, share videos, photos, emotions, Emojis, and last but not least audio video conversations. WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger in the world that allows you to all the mentioned activities and you can also send WhatsApp Voice messages.

Now questions arise can someone see my instant messages from another phone? The answer is quite simple if you have already installed a cell phone spy app you can see someone’s social media app messages and conversations. Let’s get to know how to get your hands on a mobile spy app to get the job done.

Install cell phone monitoring software to monitor WhatsApp messages 

If you want to read or monitor someone's chats and text messages on cell phones installed the instant messaging app then you have to install spy on WhatsApp app. All you need to do is to visit the official webpage of TheOneSpy. Once you are on the page then you should get the subscription following the OS of the target device and check your email to get the credentials. Let’s discuss further steps in detail.

Step1: Take the target device into your hands after subscription

Once you have got the subscription and credentials using your device web browser, further get the target mobile into your own hands for a while and get started with the process of installation. When you have completed the installation process then activate it on the target device. The icon of the spy app for mobile will remain invisible on the target device and you can see the social media app messages at the end of the day secretly on the target device installed instant messenger.

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Step2: Activate your web control panel using credentials

Now you can use the credentials such as passcode and ID and further get access to the online control panel where you can get your hands on multiple tools to see WhatsApp messages on someone’s phone using another phone. Let’s discuss all the tools in the following to get the job done.

Use cell phone tracking app tools to Spy on WhatsApp messages of someone

Live screen recording

The end-user can remotely visit the electronic dashboard and further you can get your hands on the multiple surveillance tools. Now get access to the online control panel and tap on the live screen recorder app. it empowers you to record short back to back videos of the screen in a series and you can deliver all the recording of short-time videos to the web portal. Besides, you can watch live recorded videos and you can see the social messaging app messages activities of someone on your mobile phone with them knowing. It simply starts the recording of the WhatsApp messages at the time the user activates on the instant messenger using their cellphone device.

Keystrokes logging

From every keystroke applied to text messages and passwords, you can capture and record whatever the target device user has pressed the keystroke of a device. It means you can simply record all messages, messenger, password and email keystrokes applied on the target device. Now you can get your hands on every type of keystrokes applied on WhatsApp no matter what.
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Now you can remotely get access to the target device using the online dashboard of TheOneSpy. You can schedule multiple screenshots at once and send the command on the targeted device. The moment the target device gets the commands it will start capturing screenshots and send it to the web portal with a time stamp. You can see the WhatsApp screenshots on the target device remotely from someone's phone using your mobile device.

IM’s Logs

Users can use the electronic dashboard and get access to the target mobile device installed instant messaging apps including WhatsApp spy app and get the logs with a time stamp. You can get the logs of social app likewise messages, chats conversations, audio-video conversations and voice messages.
TheOneSpy phone tracking app is the best tool that allows you to see someone’s WhatsApp messages using your cellphone. Furthermore, you can upload all the monitored information to a web portal.

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