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Key Employer Requirements for Cybersecurity Engineers

Key employer requirements for cybersecurity engineers

In order to clarify the situation, we analyzed requests related to vacancies for the position of cyber security specialist from many companies.


We often hear about engineers in the field of cybersecurity and how desirable this work is, but there are immediately logical questions. What is the role of specialists of this kind? What responsibilities do you need to perform? What skills and qualities should a candidate have when applying for a job? In addition, confusion is made by employers, who often confuse the positions of a cybersecurity engineer, information security engineer or analyst, and so on when creating a vacancy.

In order to clarify the situation, we analyzed requests related to vacancies for the position of cybersecurity engineers from many companies. The most common characteristics and traits that the applicant must have in order to fulfil this role were synthesized. In addition, in addition to the basics, the requirements for education and the availability of certificates that increase the likelihood of employment are set out.

Basic Job Description

In fact, cybersecurity engineers are the "gateway" to information within the organization, providing protection for the networks and systems where data is stored. Accordingly, specialists of this kind plan and implement measures aimed at protecting against intrusions and leaks, and also maintain security in general. However, cybersecurity engineer does not work in isolation but are mostly part of the IT department.

Here are a few basic tasks assigned to specialists working in this position:

Policy Planning and Creation: Cybersecurity engineers play an important role in formulating policies and developing information and cybersecurity strategies based on best practices that make your organization more secure and reduce the risk of intrusions or leaks.

Preventive measures: Cybersecurity engineers should be able to implement preventive measures based on firewalls and other specific applications/scripts/utilities, as well as using data encryption.

Search for vulnerabilities: Pentests is sometimes performed by a third party, but a cybersecurity engineer must be able to conduct his own similar activities in the absence of an impact on the company's business processes. The employer expects that specialists of this kind should monitor the security of the organization, and, accordingly, regular checks and tests are part of the work.

Monitoring and reporting: There are many logging and monitoring systems that need to be used during any problems or attacks. With the right tools to tracklogs and timely alerts, you can prevent the threat in time before more serious consequences occur.

Investigation and post-incident analysis: As a cybersecurity engineer encounters various incidents daily, he should be able to look for the root causes of the problems. In addition, you need to be able to write reports and make presentations after the investigation is completed.

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Personal Qualities

To work in cybersecurity, you need certain personal qualities. In addition to the technical skills necessary to carry out duties and often provided in vacancies, cybersecurity requires meticulous planning of events and reporting. Attention to detail is especially important when investigating incidents when you need to collect as many facts and evidence as possible.

In addition, it is important, to be honest with responsibilities and have time management skills. Each organization has requirements that you must comply with regarding projects and other functions relevant to your role. In short, need to be able to allocate time, meet deadlines and manage to complete tasks in all required areas.

Core Skills

Focusing on results is another crucial skill because during incidents you will solve problems together with engineers from other departments. In addition, you must be able to build logical chains regarding which services, protocols, and applications were affected during the incident, and trace the entire sequence down to a possible reason. Accordingly, it is important to understand the key concepts and mechanics of the technologies used.

Another aspect that is often not taken into account while working in the technical field is stress resistance. How well do you handle the situations in high pressure from the outside? Few people think about this issue when it comes to ongoing responsibility in difficult situations involving attacks or other cybersecurity incidents. Accordingly, you need to be able to work constant stress, when the bosses continuously require new information about the current situation.

To succeed in a company, you must be part of a team. Teamwork is a critical factor in a modern and complex business environment. Many systems are connected to each other and are influenced during any emergency situations. Accordingly, you need to be able to work and build effective communication with the support service and other technical teams if you have chosen the path of an engineer in the field of cybersecurity.

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