Sunday, April 5, 2020

Bushnell Medalist Rangefinders Review

Bushnell Medalist Rangefinders Review

If you are an avid golfer or just a beginner you should consider getting the Bushnell Medalist range finder. The Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder can help put you at the top of your game and perhaps help you to win some of your games.

In this review, you will read all about the Bushnell Medalist which can help show you why you may want this Bushnell Medalist over others rangefinders out there.

Read on for a great Bushnell Medalist review.

Bushnell Medalist – What is It?

The Bushnell Medalist is a very popular rangefinder that has had much success with many golfers. This particular Bushnell Medalist boasts many features including the unique PinSeeker technology which can give you a range of up to 250 yards and you will not have to use reflectors. With the Bushnell Medalist, you will not have to worry about any background targets showing up on the LCD screen like with other products you may come into contact with.

The Bushnell Medalist has a nine-volt battery and is very lightweight. It has a great rubber armouring which makes for an easy grip and has a 4x magnification. This finder is completely legal in tournament play so you can take it to any golf excursion that you like. And who knows the Bushnell Medalist could even help you win more games.

Bushnell Medalist Review-What I Liked

The Bushnell Medalist has had great reviews from the people who have purchased it. Many individuals that purchased the Bushnell Medalist said that it worked perfectly and that they did not have one single problem. Many people loved that fact that the Bushnell Medalist is completely legal in tournament play.

Bushnell Medalist – Improving Your Score

Whilst many others love the fact that the Bushnell Medalist is so light and portable. Reviewers also stated that the rangefinder helped them score greater on golf than any other rangefinder that they had ever had before. One final reviewer also felt that the Bushnell Medalist would be the only rangefinder that they ever use.

Bushnell Medalist Review- What I Didn’t Like

Overall the Bushnell Medalist received good reviews but there are some out there that were not that happy with some aspects of the device. Some reviewers indicated that in some rare circumstances they had trouble finding a specific range needed. Other reviewers wondered about the design saying the rubber on the outside was a bit of a hassle. A few reviewers also said it was not as intuitive as they would’ve liked but once they had read the directions this was overcome.

Bushnell Medalist Review- Overall Thoughts

Even though we noted there are some negative things about the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder the good reviews far outweigh the negatives. One golfer went as far as to say, “… the Bushnell Medalist range finder is a “WINNER”.

This Bushnell Medalist has had many successful golfers behind it that absolutely say that they would recommend the Bushnell Medalist to anyone that wants to purchase a rangefinder. If you want to purchase a quality laser rangefinder that can help you increase your golf game as well as owning a quality product you should consider purchasing the Bushnell Medalist.

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