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Factors To Consider For Buying Human Hair Toppers


Factors To Consider For Buying Human Hair Toppers

Hair loss is one of the most significant challenges millions of people face, and there is virtually no solution to prevent it. Even solutions like hair transplants, being so expensive, are outside the range for most of the population. The only potentially widely applicable solution is hair toppers. Hair toppers for thinning hair are helpful tools for hair loss issues and are valid for both men and women. However, purchasing them carefully is essential; in this article, we break down what needs to be assessed. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Hair Toppers 

Buying human hair toppers requires consideration of a bunch of factors. Some of the critical things you must assess include the following: 

The Quality Of Hair 

When it comes to assessing the quality of the hair that is used to make the wigs, there are certain specifics to look into: 

Type Of Hair: The critical options include virgin hair or Remy hair.

Virgin hair is a specific kind of hair that has never undergone any chemical treatment, including dyes and other treatments such as keratin treatments and bleach. 

Remy hair can undergo chemical treatments. However, it is still a very high-quality option. A Remy hair wig is one where the hairs have been taken in a specific manner, allowing the cuticles to be in the same direction. Both these are high-quality human hair options. 

Colour And Texture of The Hair: Another critical factor to consider is the texture and colour of the hair. Whether you are buying hair toppers for women or men, it is essential to assess the following: 

The hair colour you choose for your wig should properly match your natural hair colour. If it does not match your natural color, you can inquire about dyeing the hair piece or getting one custom-made. Alternatively, you can look for other hair toppers that match your natural hair colour without modifying it. Customizing wigs in specific colours can come at a higher cost. 

The texture of the hair is yet another key consideration. Check the texture of the hair in comparison with your natural hair. This will ensure that the hairpiece you choose appears more natural when you wear it. Additionally, it is essential to consider whether your natural hair is straight, wavy, or curly and find an option that matches your natural style. This is especially necessary to avoid regularly styling the wig. 

Size, Volume, and Thickness: These factors are the next considerations when purchasing a hair topper. 

Hair pieces are available in various sizes depending on how much coverage they offer. You can choose full-coverage wigs or even explicitly sized hair pieces which help cover a particular area. Depending upon the level of hair fall, you can choose what kind of option to purchase. This also helps with the budget, as full-coverage wigs may be more expensive than topical options. 

The volume of the hair is yet another critical aspect to look into. If the wig has a hair density and volume more or less than your natural hair, it can automatically look fake. To maximize its appearance as natural hair, you must pay attention to how closely it matches your hair's volume and density. 

The thickness of the hair becomes another determining factor when choosing super hairpieces, particularly for women. Everyone’s hair is differently thick. While some people have more thick hair, others have thinner hair strands. As such, for a truly natural appearance, paying attention to how thick the hair strands are is essential. 

Maintenance Requirements: A wig can require a lot of maintenance depending on its base material and the hair type. Human hair wigs are generally easier to maintain than synthetic hair wigs. Consider the following:

Ease of styling is a critical factor to consider. Inquire about how often and how much you can style the hairpiece. Style tolerance can vary significantly depending on the base material and the hair. Heat tools such as hair straighteners, curling irons, etc., are accessible on human hair wigs. Moreover, you can even find hair toppers that are pre-styled to suit your personal daily routine and look without having to make a lot of changes. 

Maintenance is another critical factor because different materials require different levels of maintenance. For instance, some materials can require specific kinds of cleansers, and there may be an intense schedule for cleaning; others can require much less maintenance. Moreover, some toppers can have specific storage requirements to preserve their shape and style, which needs to be carefully followed. 

Budget: Hair pieces are an investment in yourself. It impacts self-confidence, willingness to live an active social life, and professional lives. Before setting a budget, research various brands and types of hairpieces to assess how much you can spend on a particular kind of hairpiece. Remember the abovementioned factors, make your choices, and then find the core price range of hair toppers that meet your individual needs. 

The reputation of the Brand: Several brands make hair toppers and wigs. While some are good at making natural-looking and feeling options that do not even look like a hair piece when worn, others can be very low-quality options that not only look fake from afar but also feel highly uncomfortable to the person wearing them. To prevent such complications, choosing a brand that is well-reputed and recognized for creating high-quality, comfortable-to-wear hair pieces is essential. 


Hair pieces are an essential element for anyone experiencing hair thinning or rapid hair loss. In the absence of these, a person can develop low self-confidence, which can impact various aspects of their life. Quick action is essential to prevent hair loss and thinning from changing your life. Choosing hair pieces at the right time can help you maintain a uniform image. 

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