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Consult the Experts: What Maintenance Do Brakes Need?


Consult the Experts What Maintenance Do Brakes Need

Your car's brake system is a crucial safety component. It's easy to overlook them in the course of normal driving unless they start making noise or stopping becomes difficult. To avoid problems like that, you want to perform regular inspections and maintenance. 

Regular Brake Inspections & What to Clean

brake pads wear with use. How quickly that happens depends largely on the type of pads in your car and your braking habits. Worn brakes will take longer to stop your car. You may also notice a burning smell or squeaking sound when you try to stop. Luckily, you can easily do a visual inspection to check the condition of your pads and rotors by removing the wheels. 

This is also a good time to check for dust, dirt, and buildup on the brake components. You can use a high-quality brake cleaner on the pads to remove brake dust and grease. It's also great for cleaning many other types of metal parts, so keep a can handy in the garage. 

Fueling Additive or Full Brake Pad Replacements

If your pads are worn or there is damage to any brake components, you want to address the issue right away. This usually means new pads and either replacing or resurfacing the rotors. There are several types of pads you can install, including semi-metallic and ceramic. Just be sure to get the correct ones for your specific vehicle. 

If your brake pads and rotors are in good condition and you are experiencing stopping issues or a lot of noise, it could be something else. In that case, it's time to check fluid levels or other system components.  

Brake Line Bleeding and Fluid Change

Tiny air bubbles can get caught in your car's brake lines. When this happens, it can reduce their effectiveness and make it harder to stop. The solution is to bleed the lines to remove any trapped air. 

You will need a brake bleeder kit to do this. They are relatively inexpensive, so should have no trouble recouping the investment with a use or two.  

Besides removing the air, you also want to ensure you have sufficient brake fluid in your system. Rather than simply check it, however, it's a good idea to perform a system flush and fluid replacement. This helps remove contaminants so they do not damage your brake system components or reduce its effectiveness. 

Responsible Braking

One way to help keep your brake system in good condition is to drive conservatively and avoid overusing them. This means avoiding behaviors such as riding the brakes or aggressive braking. If you take it easy on the brakes, there is a good chance they will last longer and require less frequent repairs. 

Brakes regular maintenance to perform their best and help keep you safe on the road. It's a good idea to check your vehicle's manual for the proper intervals for brake system maintenance and fluid flushes. When you are ready to perform maintenance, head to your local auto parts store to pick up everything from brake pads and rotors to power steering fluid and additives to keep your car in top condition

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