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How To Download Tik Tok And Facebook Videos For Free


How To Download Tik Tok And Facebook Videos For Free


In the modern world, reposting and downloading videos from social networks such as TikTok or Facebook is performed as if it was instinctive. For instance, one may wish to download a humorous video, a DIY lesson, or any other special moment; thus, understanding the most effective methods of downloading videos without watermarks is vital. This guide will demonstrate how to download TikTok and Facebook videos easily and free of charge.

Save TikTok videos on your phone without any watermark

1. Find the Video

Ideally, begin by exploring the TikTok application in order to identify the video that is to be saved.

2. Copy the Link

Once the case video has been identified, click on the “Share” button then “Copy Link” to copy the video URL.

3. Paste and Download

Then, proceed to the free TikTok video downloader online. Then apply the copied URL into the box and proceed to click the “Download” link.

This TikTok downloader is characterised by the following features:

  • Unlimited Downloads- There is no limitation as to the number of videos that users can download. 
  • Watermark-Free- Video can be downloaded without watermarks.
  • Multiple Formats- Both MP4 video format or an MP3 audio format can be downloaded.

Downloading TikTok Videos:  


  •  Turn on TikTok, locate the video. 
  •  Share > Copy Link. 
  • To do this, copy the link of the specific TikTok Video that you want to download and paste it in the Free TikTok Video downloader.  


  • Use the application Documents by Readdle. 
  • Copy TikTok video link. 
  • Though, copy link address with ALT+01604 and then open document in computer, paste the link in it, then save.  

 For PC Users:  

  •  Paste the URL of the TikTok video. 
  •  Copy-paste it into the downloader. 
  •  Get up to date and download in HD MP4 format or convert to MP3.  

How to save facebook videos with ease  

As for downloading videos saved in Facebook, the process is not any different. Here are the steps which would help a person to begin:  

 How to Use Facebook Video Downloader: 

  • Copy the URL: Click your right mouse button on the selected video from Facebook, and then choose “Copy Link. ” 
  • Paste and Download: Enter Try Facebook downloader , you have to copy the link in the given space and then press the button that says “Download.”  


  • High Quality: Digital video format: mp4 & video quality: Full HD or 2K with audio. 
  •  Easy to Use: There are many advantages in the fact that nothing has to be installed on the client computer, no additional software or drivers. 
  • Absolutely Free: It is also important that ‘it is supported by minimal banner advertising’.  

 For Mobile Phones:  

  •  Launch the downloader app. 
  •  Search for the video, click on the share button and from there select copy link. 
  •  Place data into the downloader, press “Download.”  

 For PC Users:  

  •  Copy video link. 
  •  Copy this link to the web-site called Paste into Facebook downloader. 
  •  Click on the button that is labelled “Save” beside to get the video.  

 The Bottom Line  

Watching TikTok and Facebook videos without watermarks has never been this simple before. Regardless of whether one is using an Android, iPhone or even a PC, these tools enable the user to easily bookmark favourite clips. Hence next time when a video is found that someone likes, then following the above steps it could be easily downloaded. So it is recommended to try Facebook downloader and Free TikTok Video downloader.

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