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Saying Goodbye to the Plastic Era with Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

Saying Goodbye to the Plastic Era with Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

Plastic is a go-to packaging choice of brands for decades, due to its remarkably cheap prices and durability. The real matter of concern for all brands and their customers is its role in the ecological downfall. This applies to the food realm as well. That is why when it comes to the packaging of Chinese food items, brands have started making adequate use of eco-green custom Chinese takeout boxes.

The world around us is constantly booming with innovation, and each change is designated for the better. People today are much more aware of the consequences of whatever activity they undertake, and this calls for a global need for ecological change across industries.

Custom Chinese takeout boxes are the American-introduced way of packing and presenting Chinese food items. Due to the incessant need to serve the food piping hot, serving the gravies apart from the rice or noodles, and assuring no spilling of the items, these boxes are a hot choice for all brands who want to win their customers’ hearts.

This post explains all the unrequited questions in the minds of those who think why plastic is not a good enough choice when it comes to using custom Chinese takeout boxes. Meanwhile, it gives them all the good reasons to give up on the use of plastic in their packaging, and transcend to the better future of their brand as well as the mother planet.

China’s Initiatives to Phase Out Single-Use Plastics

Plastic has been a famous choice for packaging for a long time. It is quite a durable material and an enduring one, and when it comes to prices, it is unbeatable. However, even though it has many uses for any brand’s packaging, one of the biggest setbacks is its costs for the surroundings.

Discarding plastic ethically has become a global crisis, it is not only hazardous for marine life but also harms the wildlife and the land itself. As far as the food industry is concerned, when plastic packaging is used for a single time and thrown away, it decomposes at a very slow rate.

According to research conducted by the United Nations to investigate the issue, states that plastics take over 20 to 500 years to decompose. This serves as a testament to how alarming it can be for the whole surroundings as well as marine and wildlife. This summons the urgent need for all brands, not merely the food ones, to give up on the plastic era and instead move toward better, sustainable materials, that are cost-effective too. China, which was as one of the biggest importers of the world’s plastic waste, has recently taken some of the biggest moves to address this issue and implement relevant policies that assure the immediate disposal of single-use plastics.

The Advent of Eco-Green Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

In the wake of this global rising issue, and the new regulations introduced by the Chinese government, the trend of Chinese takeaways found its origination. Since then, there is no way back, and custom Chinese takeout boxes have become the global norm for conveniently carrying Chinese food with no worries, and consuming it wherever one wants.

Made from sustainable materials such as eco-friendly Kraft, cardboard, and paperboard, these boxes are built in a manner to ensure perfect storage of the food items and their intact and smooth delivery.

Custom printed Chinese takeout boxes are not just friendly for the environment, but offer even more benefits than that, the top one of which is, their marketing perks. For customers, these are the go-to solutions to enjoy their favorite food while reading out the brand details and insights on the boxes for future reference. Whereas, for brands, these boxes serve as an excellent and effortless BRANDING TOOL. You heard it right! Let’s discover how.


Leaving any specific notes for the customers on these boxes makes them feel highly special. Moreover, with well-detailed design, and properly managed insights, food brands can not only facilitate customers and enhance their experience but also help them memorize the brand details and know where to contact for the next time they want to order food from your brand.

Including scannable features such as NFC tags and QR codes further fosters customers’ interaction with the brand. All they need to do is simply scan the code, and this will link them to the brand’s official social media profile or website. They can thus get a chance to learn whatever they want, about the brand. With these functional custom Chinese takeout boxes, brands can cast a perfect professional image and boost customers’ loyalty.


The sole purpose of introducing these boxes in the market is to reduce the overall carbon footprint and focus on the preservation of nature and the environment. These boxes are made from highly biodegradable material choices that use paperboard or bamboo as the base, thus leaving a very minimal impact on the surroundings.

This helps brands achieve their green purposes and become the hot choice of all eco-conscious customers. These boxes are specifically made with the safety of the environment in consideration, and that is what sets them apart.


These boxes have entirely changed the way customers consume their food, enabling them easy access to unlimited benefits. These boxes are friendly to heat, made with spill-proof designs, and made without a single compromise on the quality or customer experience. Moreover, there are times when customers are too busy to consume the food right after buying.

With these boxes, they can consume their food at whatever time they want, by simply reheating it in their microwaves, as the boxes are created with this aspect in vision. This eliminates the need for transferring the food into another container and heating it over the stove, as customers simply need to put these boxes in the microwave and set their preferred time and heat mode to reheat the food.

Achieving a Plastic-Free Future & Embracing a Sustainable Life

The aforementioned aspects indicate the evolution of custom Chinese takeout boxes and how they have taken over the plastic era. It’s time to bid farewell to plastic packaging and take initiatives as a brand towards assuring the safety of the environment. With these highly customized boxes from authentic packaging firms such as Packaging Mania, it’s time to gracefully embrace a sustainable life and welcome a whole new world where sustainability is a standard, not a choice.

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