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Gold Chain Link Types

Gold Chain Link Types

The many styles of gold link chains each have their own unique shine. This extensive guide will explore ten different types of luxurious gold link necklaces in detail. Whether you love understated elegance or bold flair, one of these elegant gold link chain types is sure to steal your heart.

Delicate gold link chains have been adorned by royalty and everyday folk alike for centuries, expressing both fashion and status. Their intrinsic wealth sparkles delicately yet proudly for the wearer. This introduction will peek into ten prized styles of gold link chains so you can discover your perfect match.

Gold link chains enchant with fine links molded, woven or layered into exquisite formations. Through centuries their allure persists as each link shines on its own yet works in harmony. Let us explore different designs together, uncovering what beckons your gaze. Whether one inspires your passion or you fall for multiples, may your own gold link chains glitter many happy years.

Gold Chain Link Type #1: Cuban Link

The solid 14k yellow gold Cuban link chain is a very famous style. It has thick oval links that are connected together in a special way. Each oval link loops through the next link, like links in a chain. The links look like they are locked together in a puzzle. Cuban links seem heavy when you first pick them up. But when you put them on, they feel very light around your neck. They shine a bright sunny yellow color.

This chain style was first made popular in Cuba a long time ago. Cuban links became very popular in the United States too. Rappers in the 1990s wore flashy Cuban link chains in their music videos. Now the Cuban link style will never go out of style. Whether you want to look cool or dress up nicer, Cuban links work for any outfit. They will always look fashionable!

Gold Chain Link Type #2: Figaro Link

The figaro link chain uses small, tight oval links connected together. But some links on the chain are longer than others in an odd pattern. This makes the whole chain look bumpy and uneven in an interesting way. Figaro links come in 14k, 18k, and 24k gold. No matter what gold is used, they will lay flat against the skin nicely without twisting around.

The uneven lengths and widths of the figaro links give them character. This chain style has been popular for decades because it stands out from normal chains. Even as styles change over the years, the figaro link never seems to go out of style. Whether you like modern styles or classic styles, figaros are always a chic yet unique choice. Both men and women can wear them casually or dressy.

Gold Chain Link Type #3: Rope Link

The rope link chain is crafted to look like a thin gold rope was magically woven together by fairies! Okay, maybe fairies didn't make it. But the way this chain feels makes it seem magical. The individual links are braided tightly into strands that twist around each other. Rope chains have an incredibly soft feel, like a silky rope.

Their light weight and texture makes rope chains perfect for layering. You can stack a couple together without feeling weighed down. Rope chains also make stacking different styles easy since their slender shape nestles smoothly with other chains. Rope chains come in 14k and 18k gold, so the price is friendly whether you wear one chain or three together. For the silky feel and affordable cost, rope links are always a great option.

Gold Chain Link Type #4: Curb Link

Curb link chains have oval shaped links that curve in toward each other, a bit like lips saying "Oooo." Their oval links seem to whisper secrets because of this curved twist. Holding a curb chain, you'll notice a luxurious weight and sound as the links clink together smoothly. But once worn, curb chains feel light as air around the neck.

A curb chain's twisted shape naturally draws the eye to its shine. Polished to a high luster, curb links glow with an internal radiance. Their elegant curvature complements any neckline whether bare or modest. Curb chains make a statement without saying a word. Some curb chains are twisted tighter than others for extra flair. Loose or tight, curbs always impress.

Gold Chain Link Type #5: Box Link

The box link chain uses flat, perfect little squared links connected in a neat straight row. From afar it looks geometric and tidy. Up close you see countless smooth facets polished to a mirror-like finish. A box chain's manicured look evokes clean architecture and cool modern art. It hugs the skin closely in tidy formation without slipping or sliding at all.

Box chains make a luxurious unspoken statement as simple as their name. Their flattened facets sparkle discreetly, letting other fine details like charms, inscriptions, or pendants take the spotlight. Precious metals and meticulous craftsmanship give these everyday chains an air of luxury. Years from now the same box chain will still compliment your favorite outfits seamlessly. For understated glam that lasts, box links do not disappoint.

Gold Chain Link Type #6: Cable Link

The cable link chain uses tiny circular links woven into a flexible gold cord necklace. Holding a cable chain, the small interconnected circles feel smooth and fluid, yet resilient. Like a cable made of gold spider silk! Once worn around the neck, this flexible gold woven rope molds itself softly to the curves of your body.

Cable chains shine with a quiet gleam as they catch and refract light within their minute links. Their slender links allow subtle glints and gleams instead of loud reflective flashes. For someone who prefers simple sparkle over bold bling, cable chains deliver gentle light perfectly. Cables easily nestle together when worn in stacks too, maintaining a seamless look. Whether dressed up or down, cable chains always compliment without overwhelming.

Gold Chain Link Type #7: Curb Bubble Link

The curb bubble link chain has fatter rounded links like bubbles twisting around each other. Imagine a bunch of balloons twisting together, but made of gleaming gold. Like a party in your hand! Holding one feels bouncy and lively from the round bubbly shapes. Up close you see smooth swirls polished within each inflated link.

Worn at the neck, curb bubble chains catch eyes from afar yet wear lightly comfortable. Their puffed shapes reflect light cheerfully in every direction. Curb bubble chains add bounce to your step and lightness to your mood! Make any outfit more playful and joyful to wear with these one-of-a-kind bubbly showstoppers. From day to night they spark confidence with carefree character and timeless shine. Curb bubble links are always a upbeat addition.

Gold Chain Link Type #8: Ball Link

The ball link chain uses perfectly round solid gold balls as its links in cheerful repetition. Holding one brings a bright smile, its rounded links feel smooth and weightless in the hand. Once worn, ball chains swing and bounce along your lively motions. Whether long or doubled, their rounded circle shape complements all body types.

Ball chains evoke summer breezes, warm sand between the toes, and a sunny good mood. Their beachy cheerful style instantly uplifts your spirit whether at the shore or city street. Ball chains cost less than other chains yet feel special in their simplicity. Wear one to spread positive vibes carefree as the flashing sun. Reminding yourself and others that joy is right outside your door.

Gold Chain Link Type #9: Flat Oval Link

The flat oval link chain lays neat uniform ovals alongside each other, their faces milled perfectly smooth and flat. It exudes a sleek style as clean as its silhouette. Polished to a high shine, light washes over its broad facets with nary a scratch or smudge in sight. Wearing one leaves hands spotless, as if it sprang from a jewelry commercial and not real life.

Flat oval links slip discreetly beneath collars and pullovers without a cling or clank. Still they impart vaunted shine whenever light graces their gleaming expanse. Whether dressed up or down, flat ovals always look polished to perfection. Their prestige remains after flashier chains fade away. A go-to classic chain you’ll feel proud wearing for life at any occasion deserved.

Gold Chain Link Type #10: Figaro Rolo Link

The unique figaro rolo link chain artfully blends characteristics from both chains. Its oval links are wider and flatter on top and bottom like a regal figaro chain. But along each edge a soft rounding mimics the rolled shape of a rolo chain for a refined look. Hold one and feel interesting texture between your fingers, seeing light play on exaggerrated dimension throughout its length.

Worn around your neck, a figaro rolo's artistic silhouette stands out in a refined way. Its softened angles and fluid curves catch attention pleasingly without loud bling. Figaro rolo links invite approaches to examine their crafty touch first hand. With one fashionably dangling, you too radiate an artsy charm to match your one-of-a-kind neck adornment. Combining nuanced qualities, figaro rolos capture eyes with their creative character.


And so in conclusion, we've glimpsed ten captivating types of gold link chains. From classic Cuban links to unique figaro rolos, each creates allure through distinct links illuminating in harmony. Gold link chains remain timeless darlings for their refined shine amplifying any ensemble or mood.

No matter your taste in luxury or festivity, a gold link chain holds prestige matched only by its wearer. Choose your loved type or sample multiples – their intrinsic worth sparkles for decades. May your gold link chains glitter many joyous occasions and memories. Return to reminisce other designs tempting your fancy, knowing new styles still await discovery. Till then, shine brightly with your treasures!

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