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What You Need To Know About Brawl Stars Gem Grab

What You Need To Know About Brawl Stars Gem Grab

If you don't have enough Brawl Stars gems, you should visit U7Buy for a quick top up! Brawl Stars Gem Grab is one of the available game modes. Two teams take part in a game. The number of the players in a team can be either three or five. The objective of the mode is to gather 10 gems if the teams are made up of three players or 20 gems if we have five players per side.

How Brawl Stars Gem Grab Matches Work

The game arena has a gem mine located in the middle. The mine spawns gems once every seven seconds. Players acquire gems. When a player is defeated while carrying gems, they will drop them. After a team has gathered 10 gems, a 15-second countdown will begin. If the team doesn't lose any gem until the end of the countdown, it wins the game. If the team loses gems and the number goes below 10 while the countdown is running, the timer will stop and reset. In case both teams have the same number of gems and that number is greater than 10, the countdown will not begin until a team has more gems.

The total number of gems owned by both teams in a Brawl Stars Gem Grab game cannot be greater than 29. The only exception is when the Angry Robo modifier is used. When the 29th gem comes into play, the 30-second timer will begin. After the countdown reaches 0, the team with the most gems wins. The mine stops from making gems if 15 are on the ground and they are not picked up by players. In case the number of the players in a team is five, the total number of active gems is 39. The mine stops working at 20 unpicked gems.

What Brawlers to Bring to a Brawl Stars Gem Grab Game

Tara is one of the favorite Brawl Stars brawlers for Brawl Stars Gem Grab matches. Her Super ability is great for stopping gem carriers. She can also hold off the enemies from attacking her team's carrier. Tara assists her teammates with healing abilities.

Bo is a brawler who excels at carrying gems. He uses the Super to place mines and to keep the enemies in check. After the countdown begins for his team, he can put a mine under him trapping the enemies that come after him.

Spike is a good damage dealer. He specializes in melee and AOE damage. His primary attack deals exploding damage and sends spikes in all directions. He can use the Super ability to control the mine and slow down enemy carriers.

Poco is another character that is often seen in Brawl Stars Gem Grab games. He is a good Brawl Stars Brawler for carrying gems. Poco does AOE damage. He also has healing abilities. It is best to put him in the same team with tanking characters as he can support the tank with heals.

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