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T-Shirt Printing Equipment Checklist for Beginners


T-Shirt Printing Equipment Checklist for Beginners

If you want to start a business in the t-shirt industry, there are lots of opportunities. One of the greatest things you can do in this industry is t-shirt printing. But you definitely need to consider some things like the t-shirt printing equipment.

However, the significant thing to your success in the industry is marketing your business. For t-shirt printing services, you should approach those businesses looking for customized shirts with the logo. You can also create t-shirts with the event's logo or people's photos. 

These possibilities are usually endless, thus allowing you to do profitable business through printing t-shirts. Unfortunately, there is countless competition out there, and quality is vital to having a successful business. You must invest in t-shirt printing equipment to succeed in this business. 

Most people trying to explore this business opportunity lose much of their money using the wrong t-shirt printing equipment. The good thing, this post provides a breakdown of the essential equipment to buy and start a t-shirt printing business. You must invest your money wisely but in the right areas. Certainly, remember that promoting your business is just as vital as creating a high-quality product. So, consider showcasing your products on platforms like Instagram and explore the services offered by the Mixx team to spread the word about your product effectively!

T-Shirt Printing Equipment - Heat Press Machine 

In a t-shirt printing business, you need the best t-shirt printing machine. However, it depends on the method you want to use to print your t-shirts. When you consider the flock and flex method, TUSY Heat Press Machine is the right to buy. 

When buying a heat press machine, you choose either manual or automated. Manual tends to be cheaper and suitable for business. The more expensive the heat press is, the easier and quicker it can operate, thus increasing your output. 

Examples of reliable heat press machines include:

TUSY Heat Press Machine 

TUSY Heat Press Machine is easy to use. It is a digital heat press machine, and you can use it to print bags, mouse mats, t-shirts, and more. The good thing about this machine is that it transfers characters and colorful pictures onto textiles like fabric and cotton. 

This heat press machine has an LCD Control Board where you can check the temperature and time. You can use the display to set temperature and time to your suitable option. 

It has a 15x15 dimension allowing you to make t-shirts for all people from children to adults. In addition, the press machine is suitable for professional home and industrial use. 


  • Safe anti-overheating feature 
  • Pressure adjustable 
  • Easy to use 

VIVOHOME Upgraded 11 in 1 Combo Multifunctional Sublimation Heat Press Transfer Machine

This machine is a reliable heat press transfer machine for the t-shirt printing business. If you want to invest in a heat press machine, VIVOHOME Upgraded 11 in 1 multifunctional is the machine to buy. There are essential reasons for you to choose this heat press machine. 

First, it has a 360-degree rotation. The swing-away and rail design enable this VIVOHOME heat press machine to provide you with quality finished transfers. The pulling hand installed at the top is usually non-slip and easy to use while printing. 

In addition, it has a strong base that makes the machine more stable while using. A large LCD screen display makes the machine more accurate and easy to set and use. 


  • Double heating tube 
  • LCD screen display 
  • Safe and easy to use 
  • 11-in-1 set 

Seeutek Heat Press 12" X 10" Machine 

The other kind of t-shirt printing machine for small businesses worth having is Seeutek Heat Press 12" X 10" Machine. This machine uses a Teflon heating plate, the latest with modern heat press machine. That allows it to protect your vinyl clothes. 

In addition, the Teflon cover is usually heat resistant, making printing steady and easy to clean. The surface isn't sticky, thus preventing you from burning the t-shirts. Moreover, it has a comfortable handle, therefore worth buying.


  • Intelligent design 
  • Heat and temperature controller 
  • Essential accessories 
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Used to print various products such as mouse mats, bags, t-shirts, ceramic tiles, or plates, and more. 
  • Teflon coating heating plate 
  • Teflon coating heating plate 
  • Easy to handle 

Dollate 12" x 10" Heat Press Machine

The other heat press machine worth checking is this Dollate 12" x 10" machine. It comes equipped with essential features helpful to print your t-shirts. The good thing, you can buy it on a budget without breaking your account. 

The heat press machine can be used for home or commercial purposes. It has a Teflon plate which gives an added advantage of flame retardant. That also makes it easy for you to clean it.

This heat press machine is easy for sticker manufacturers. You can assemble and operate at ease after reading the manual. The S-Shaped heating tube design helps increase the heating and has a uniform temperature that ensures integral heat printing. 


  • User-friendly 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Teflon plate 
  • 1-year warranty  

Pro Heat Transfer Machine 8 in 1 12"X15"

Pro Heat Transfer Machine 8 in 1 12"X15" is an excellent heat press machine to buy for the t-shirt printing business. The machine adopts a heat insulation design because an anti-scalding handrail design will be safer and more comfortable. 

The slideway design allows you to pull the bottom plate out, thus directly installing the cap press. In addition, it has a double heating tube which makes heating more even; therefore, printing is effective. The powerful function through the digital LCD allows you to set alarm clock and timer. That makes it easy for you to switch degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit. Its dual digital display will be controlled using a microprocessor, providing you with a real-time display and higher accuracy. 

The outstanding thing about this heat press is that it allows you to apply letters, numbers, and images. You can add these transfers to your t-shirts, mousepads, coasters, mugs, plates, and caps. 


  • Brand innovative design 
  • Double heating tube 
  • Powerful function 
  • Upgraded 8 in 1 combo 

T-Shirt Printing Equipment - A Printer 

The other thing you need in a t-shirt print business is a printer. After getting the best heat press machine, a printer can help you print the designs you put on your t-shirts. Digital heat transfer is a common method to put designs in your t-shirts. It will involve printing your designs out and then considering heat press in transferring to your t-shirt. 

A good printer is an inkjet and will print onto transfer paper. Here are some of the best qualities to invest in. They include:

HP LaserJet M209dw Wireless Printer

This wireless printer is suitable for use at the home office and small printing businesses. The gadget will print high-quality images and writings. 

The good thing, it uses the smart HP App to scan, print, or copy documents or images from anywhere – including smartphones. It has ultra-fast print speed, which makes it effective in your printing. 


  • Scan to cloud 
  • Ultra-fast speed 
  • Fast two-sided printing 
  • Strong security 

Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer

The other kind of printer suitable for your printing t-shirt business is Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer. It is a budget-friendly printer with essential features. The good thing is that this printer is easy to install and has a sleek design that allows it to fit in all workspaces, and the metal frame structure allows you to use it for a long time. The Wi-Fi enables you to print with your mobile devices – iOS and Android operating system. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Durable 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Compatible with mobile devices 

T-Shirt Printing Equipment - Screen Printing Machine 

Screen printing can be an essential option when you don't want to use a heat press. Before you can choose screen printing machines, research the differences between DTG and screen-printing methods. 

After deciding, you must go with screen printing, invest in screens. It may be possible to make your own screens, but buying professional screens improves the quality of your t-shirts. You will need separate screens that represent each color. Ensure you have enough by looking at these top best screens:

4 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Kit

There are many screen-printing press machines in the market. However, this machine is one of the best for its essential features. 

It is easy to assemble this screen-printing kit. So, you don't need to hire an individual to come and assemble it for you. 

The other good thing about buying this screen printing is its plate washing. It comes with a premium plate washing tank furnished with a water tank, screen frame clapboard, and automated pressurizing spray gun. 

In addition, this screen-printing machine is suitable for precise color matching. It makes it a suitable option for colorful printing. 


  • 4-color printer 
  • Adjustable height 
  • Simple UV exposure 

VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 

VEVOR Screen Printing Machine is a great option for printing t-shirts. It is equipped with premium features. The cool thing about this machine, it adopts advanced electrostatic electroplating and spraying. The manufacture uses high-quality materials for durability. 

Moreover, the machine is easy to clean with no rust. Its table-type design helps you save the installation space and facilitate transportation. The sturdy structure provides you with a long-term stable operation. 


  • Sturdy structure 
  • Easy to install 
  • Spring device 
  • Wide application 

T-Shirt Printing Equipment - Cutter

You can cut all your designs using your hands. However, it will be tiresome; therefore, get a cutting machine for the task. The kind of cutter you choose will take your image and then cut it out for you, such that it will be ready for your t-shirt. 

Ensure the cutter you choose is of good quality for accurate designs. Here are the best cutters worth considering:

Yescom 34" Vinyl Cutter Machine 870mm

A good cutter is one equipped with essential features and specifications. One of the best is this Yescom 34" Vinyl Cutter Machine. This cutter machine helps to cut professional custom designs at ease. It gives you a 30-inch cutting width, thus suitable for your printing business. 

It provides you with adjustable digital speed and force. That allows it to handle the cutting process when you're working.  The backlight LCD display enhances easier handling while working. 


  • 3 adjustable pinch rollers 
  • CE certification 
  • Backlight LCD display 
  • Inertial rotating blade holder 

VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Machine, 375mm

The VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Machine is another great option to consider in a t-shirt print business. The vinyl machine cutter is equipped with valuable features. 

One of the benefits most people recommend this cutter is trustworthy performance. It has a cutting plotter that adopts an ARM motherboard and 3 m paper feed precision. 

 In addition, it has a precise digital control. It comes with an illuminated LCD screen with a large control panel. That makes it have versatile use, such that you can use it to cut decay vinyl and stickers, scrapbook papers, t-shirts, heat transfer paper, card stock, and more. 


  • Versatile use 
  • High compatible 
  • Digital precise control 
  • Trustworthy performance 

CO-Z 28 inch Vinyl Cutter

For a custom sticker manufacturer, this cutter is what you need for bringing various designs to life on paper, vinyl, cardstock, and other substrates. The machine handles the job well without regret. 

There are vital reasons to buy this machine cutter. One of the reasons is the presence of digital control. The control panel is in an LCD display. It works with build-in guides to provide you with accurate and intuitive operations. Secondly, it has a dual CPU that controls work with HP-GL and DMPL programs.

The other advantage to choosing this vinyl cutter is its powerful motor. The high-performing motor included operates the adjustable double-spring rollers with speed and accuracy. That allows it to process the vinyl and substrates at high speed. In addition, the aluminum casing is corrosion resistant and strong for durability. 

Additionally, this cutter machine uses SignMaster software. It enables the machine cutter to handle all your designs accurately. The system can work with various versions of windows. 

The numerous accessories included in CO-Z and strong warranty enable you to enjoy using the machine for years.


  • Digital control
  • Ease of use 
  • SignMaster software
  • Powerful motor 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 

T-Shirt Printing Equipment - Dryer 

Lastly, in our list of equipment you need to print t-shirts are the dryers. These are also used in the final screen-printing process. 

A good dryer should help you to cure the ink and properly set it into the t-shirt. Therefore, essential equipment to have in the process. When you lack a good dryer, it will be impossible to increase your turnover time while building a t-shirts printing business. That said, which dryer is good for business? We have listed the top 3 best dryers worth checking. 

VEVOR Flash Dryer 18x24Inch 

If you want a dryer with excellent quality, then VEVOR Flash Dryer 18x24inch is the best solution. It is a screen-printing flash dryer composed of steel structure and uses chrome plating and classic spraying. 

Besides, this silkscreen dryer is fine and exquisite in the craft. It has a large drying area and heating tubes wrapped with stainless steel wire mesh with high thermal efficiency. It is more practical when you want to dry large areas. 

In addition, this dryer has premium performance. It is equipped with intensive heat dissipation vents. The uniformity in heating allows drying speed faster and better, unlike other drying machines. The other suitable thing, you can adjust the height with a height adjustment knob to the required height. Nonetheless, an X-shaped design will save you many areas, which also makes the machine more stable.

Fortunately, the traditional cross design can cause bumps and injuries. Only that this model has overcome these shortcomings.


  • Large drying area 
  • Premium performance 
  • Solid X-shaped base 
  • Adjustable height 
  • Ease of use 

INTBUYING 16"x16" Flash Dryer

The other dryer worth buying is INTBUYING 16"x16" Flash Dryer. The dryer has excellent features that you need in your t-shirt printing business. 

The good thing about this dryer is that it uses a carbon fiber heating tube, which is more powerful than other models. It can work for over 10000 hours. Another benefit is that it is easy to install. When transporting the machine, you can uninstall some parts of the machines for convenience. INTBUYING 16"x16" Flash Dryer is easy to operate. After you have installed the machine correctly, it works automatically with power on. 

Nothing beats this machine in the fact that it comes with complete accessories. They include a thermograph, a full set of installation tools, and 4 universal movable wheels. Lastly, the dryer also features adjustable height and temperature.


  • Easy to install 
  • Ease of use 
  • Carbon fiber heating tubes 
  • Include all accessories 

TECHTONGDA Flash Dryer 16X16 

The performance of the dryer plays a significant role in your printing business. If you want one of the best screening dryers, look no further. TECHTONGDA Flash Dryer 16X16 is equipped with essential features making it a great choice. 

The heating tubes of this machine are made of stainless steel, and you have the advantage of using them for more than 10000 hours. It has an aluminum plate placed at the top of the heating tube, thus, helping you to improve its thermal efficiency.

The study design and powder coating housing make the dryer last long and prevent rust. You will also find it easy to assemble with its installation instructions, test thermometer, and complete installation tools. 


  • Stainless steel heating tubes 
  • Sturdy design 
  • Easy to use

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