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Navigating Crypto Exchanges: Best Platforms for Buying Bitcoin in India

Navigating Crypto Exchanges Best Platforms for Buying Bitcoin in India

Explore the best crypto platforms through our compilation of the top crypto exchanges in India. Experience secure transactions, seamless trading environments, and a wide array of digital applications and coins. Stay at the forefront of the crypto landscape by looking into these leading platforms for your investment decisions.


The operational framework of most crypto exchanges adheres to a similar model. These platforms facilitate connections between buyers and sellers seeking to engage in trades. The primary methods for purchasing or selling Bitcoin typically involve placing either a limit or market order. A limit order entails specifying a desired purchase or sale price, aiming for an optimal deal if feasible. Conversely, a market order allows for the immediate sale of bitcoin at a price offered by other participants. If both parties' price offerings align, the exchange facilitates the transaction between them, resulting in a successful trade.


In this blog post, we will carefully examine some of the best crypto exchanges available in India. We will closely examine their key offerings, payment options, and security measures. The goal is to help you feel well-informed and ready to choose an exchange that is the best fit, considering your needs as an investor or trader. 

Crypto Exchanges in India


ZebPay is the oldest crypto trading platform in India and played a key role in shaping the country's digital asset ecosystem. Offering a wide range of crypto assets, ZebPay provides a safe and easy-to-use exchange. The trading interface at ZebPay is simple and helps users confidently buy and sell different digital coins.

Top Features:

ZebPay boasts support for over 150 crypto assets.

ZebPay allows users to make their crypto work for them passively by lending it for a fixed annual return rate. Lenders can earn attractive interest rates of up to 8.5% on select coins.

ZebPay has a unique feature known as CryptoPacks which allows users to purchase thematic portfolios carefully curated by industry veterans.

Payment Methods:

ZebPay presently allows for instant deposits via NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS for users who have completed their KYC process and Bank verification. ZebPay’s KYC onboarding process takes less than 5 minutes to complete. 

Security Measures:

ZebPay implements a top-tier multi-chain security solution to safeguard all transactions across both cold and hot storage wallets.

ZebPay enables seamless instant transactions in a safe and secure manner

A significant portion of crypto held with ZebPay is stored in cold wallets, which makes asset storage incredibly safe. 


CoinDCX stands out as a prominent crypto exchange in India, providing a wide-ranging trading platform. With robust infrastructure and support for many digital assets, CoinDCX has become a popular choice for both newcomers and seasoned crypto traders. Its feature-rich trading interface provides everything users need to buy, sell, and monitor holdings with ease. Whether you are just starting or a pro seeking advanced order types, this exchange aims to suit all levels of experience. Security is also a top priority, with bank-grade encryption and cold storage protecting users' funds.  

Top features:

CoinDCX provides access to more than 500 different cryptos.

Users have many options to earn money, such as earning interest through saving, lending coins to earn fees, futures trading, and margin trading.

CoinDCX Pro offers advanced trading tools to help traders improve their experience.

The website uses strong encryption to protect users' personal information and financial data.

Payment Methods:

CoinDCX allows users to deposit funds in Indian rupees (INR) through several convenient options like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and Net Banking.  

Security Measures:

Using two-step verification along with your password makes your account more secure.

The team regularly checks for vulnerabilities through security audits and tests how well the system holds up against attacks.

CoinDCX uses DDoS protection technology to help withstand potential cyberattacks.


Recognized for its intuitive interface, WazirX has become a well-known exchange amongst Indian crypto enthusiasts. WazirX offers a smooth trading experience and is seamlessly integrated into the Binance ecosystem, granting access to a global liquidity pool. 

Key Attributes:

With over 450 trading pairs of crypto available, this exchange offers customers many digital asset options to purchase, sell, and exchange.

The exchange's referral program allows users to earn half of every transaction fee generated by users they invite.

WazirX offers a straightforward interface customized for both desktop computers and mobile devices, making it easy for people to use. 

Payment Methods:

WazirX currently supports NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS methods for depositing INR.

Security Measures:

Around 95% of user money is kept in cold storage, which increases security measures.

WazirX runs a hack bounty program to motivate finding and fixing security weaknesses.

Two-step verification adds another layer of security to user accounts.

Consistent security audits are done to keep the platform safe and reliable.


Focusing specifically on Bitcoin trades, Unocoin has established itself as a trustworthy platform for users hoping to dip their toes into the pioneering digital asset. By emphasizing ease of use and safety above all else, Unocoin has emerged as a stellar starter choice for those just getting their feet wet in the crypto waters. 

Top features:

A large part of Unocoin's funds are securely held offline, lessening the chance of possible hacking events.

Unocoin introduces 'crypto baskets,' providing users with a curated selection of crypto adapted to their comfort with risk and personal tastes. 

Payment Methods:

To initiate INR deposits into Unocoin, users can utilize the IMPS, RTGS, or NEFT methods of bank transfer. 

Security Features:

Unocoin prioritizes security by implementing advanced measures such as two-factor authentication for login procedures and email encryption for safeguarding sensitive data. 

The platform also incorporates multi-signature wallets to strengthen security against unauthorized access.

Private keys are kept disconnected from networks to reduce potential issues tied to hacking or theft.


Bitbns is well known for its cutting-edge features, which include margin trading and futures contracts. Addressing the different needs of crypto traders, Bitbns provides a platform catering to both spot and derivative trading, enriching the landscape for crypto trading. 

Top features:

The platform introduces a distinctive feature known as systematic investment in bitcoins.

Bitbns extends support to all major crypto assets.

Bitbns prides itself on exceptionally low crypto withdrawal fees, allowing traders flexibility to withdraw unlimited crypto anytime. 

Payment Methods:

Bitbns facilitates deposits through various options, including IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, online banking, and peer transfers.

Security Features:

The platform actively engages security experts to scrutinize their systems across all platforms, identifying and rectifying potential vulnerabilities.

For enhanced security, Bitbns offers two-factor authentication, protecting user information.


Safely exploring India's crypto landscape requires being mindful of regulations, following the rules, and making choices after learning. By choosing crypto exchanges that follow rules from SEBI, finishing necessary identity checks, and using protected ways to pay, investors in India can feel good taking part in the crypto market.


The Indian government has made huge advances, for example, with the proposed Crypto and Regulation of Official Digital Asset Bill, 2021, which recommends a methodological way for regulating private coins. The dynamic nature of these guidelines underscores the Indian government's cautious yet optimistic attitude towards digital assets. The bill shows their goal to guarantee steady development in the segment without stifling development. It concentrates on guaranteeing customer security and preventing illegal tax avoidance while encouraging advancement. 

Trade Bitcoin to INR with ZebPay, India’s oldest and most trusted crypto exchange.

Our thorough analysis of prominent crypto exchanges like ZebPay, CoinDCX, WazirX, UNOCOIN, and Bitbns is a stable foundation for individuals intrigued by crypto investments in India. The continuous progression of crypto rules in India underscores the necessity for traders to stay up-to-date about regulations influencing crypto assets.

Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Each investor must do his/her research or seek independent advice if necessary before initiating any transactions in crypto products and NFTs. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author, and not to ZebPay the author’s employer, or other groups or individuals. ZebPay disclaims all liability for any actions or inactions on the part of the investors, including losses. For the aforementioned article, ZebPay has not been paid in kind or cash, and it is offered "as is," with no warranty regarding its timeliness, accuracy, completeness, or the outcomes of using it.

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