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Choose The Best T-shirt Press Machine: Ultimate Guide


Choose The Best T-shirt Press Machine Ultimate Guide

Choosing the best t-shirt press machine can help you out in more ways than one. Press machines are the best way to design various items such as mugs, garments, and t-shirts. However, if you need a press machine to print t-shirts, you will consider several factors to come up with the perfect choice for the purpose.

Finding a perfect press machine is a challenging task. That is because there are several of them available in the market. It would help if you considered several factors, such as size and heat distribution, before arriving at a choice. You need to go through every model, know its features, pros, and cons to ensure you choose the right one. To help you make the right choice, I have prepared this guide to help you through the process.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Best T-shirt Press Machine

Before choosing a press machine for your t-shirts, you need to go through the following factors to help you make the right decision.


Deciding on which press machine to buy for your t-shirts depends on your budget. That is the first thing you need to consider even before you choose the various types available. You may be interested in a given press machine, but your budget is too low. To avoid such disappointments, you need not tighten your budget, be prepared with enough money that can fall within the budgets of every press machine available in the market.

It would help if you also went through all press machines available in the market and their respective prices to know their price ranges. From there then you can know the amount of money you allocate for a press machine. Going to the market with a too low budget will restrict your choice of press machines. That is because you may reach there and find most of the press machines are above your budget. It will therefore force you to choose the ones that fall within your budget. Always ensure you have a flexible budget before going to the market to choose an item.

Ease of Use

Every person likes an item that they can easily operate without having any difficulty.  Depending on the person who will be using the machine, you must first test whether it is easy to use or not. That is to ensure it does not cause any technical problem to the person using it. Handling a machine for the first time may cause breakage, and repair or replacement is another extra expense that may even be higher than its original price.

It is important to go for a press machine that you can comfortably handle without facing any difficulty. If you are not sure how to handle the machine, you can hire a professional to help you handle the machine. Automatic press machines are easy to handle and require less knowledge. But that does not mean you need to buy one that you have no idea how to handle. You will not have any problem handling a press machine if you have experience in handling them. Furthermore, you can also go through training and read the available tutorials online to help you acquire more knowledge of handling various press machines. You can also decide to buy a t-shirt press machine that you are familiar with.

Temperature Control and Timer

Another important thing to consider as far as temperature is concerned is the control. The time of heating depends on the type of material you are working on. Most new models of heat press t-shirt machines have timers that allow you to set the exact heating time.

Heating control and timer are very important, especially when you are running a business. You would not want to buy your customer's clothes, which will scare them away from your business. You need to how much time and heat you need for every t-shirt to avoid burning them. If you are not sure of that, you can get an automatic t-shirt press machine kit to do the work for you. That will even help you save a lot of time because it is faster and accurate in whatever it does.

Temperature Range and Heat Distribution

The first thing people usually look at in a heat press machine is the temperature range. The temperature range of your press machine will affect the type of material you can work on. Some materials require less heat, while others require more heat. Having a heat press machine with a small temperature range will limit the number of materials you can work on. For example, T-shirts require more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Thicker clothes such as wood may require more temperature. 

Before choosing a pressing machine, go through each of them to know their temperature ranges and distribution. It is wise to go for a press machine with a wide temperature range. That will enable you to work on as many materials as possible. If you are operating a business, then you will attract many customers.


The portability of a heat press machine is very important, especially if you are looking forward to starting a business with it. If you do not have enough space to set up the machine permanently, you have to take portability as a very important factor. That is because you will be required to move it daily to and from the place of business.

Some press machines are heavy. That will make it difficult and expensive to move. That is because you will require some other means of transport to move it for you. But that does not mean you have to go for a smaller press machine. Just go for one with a size you are comfortable with.


The volume of garments you will be working on also determines the type of press machine you choose.  Before you go for a press machine, you should first know the daily volume of garments you will work on. Some machines may not work for long and, therefore, may get damaged when subjected to such huge tasks. 

A highly durable press machine can work on many garments for a short time. Even as you consider that, also put their prices into consideration.


Your safety should come before everything else. Before you purchase a press machine, you need to find out whether you will be safe using it or not. Some machines may put your safety at risk. Most people usually look at other factors and ignore safety. Safety is a factor you should always keep in mind whenever you think of buying any item.

For example, some models of press machines such as clamshell will require you to put your hands under the heating plate, which may be risky at some point. You may need to go for a much larger machine. That is because it has a large space between the top and bottom plates. That will ensure that your hands are safe from a small size machine. To be much safer, you need to buy a swing-away heat press.

Size and Shape

The size of the press machine you choose will depend on the volume of garments you will work on and the available space you have. If you have less space, you will need to go for a press machine that will require small space, such as a clamshell model.

Before you go for a press machine, you need first to consider the amount of space you have for you not to experience inconveniences of the machine failing to fit in your space after purchase. Swing away press has large plates, which require a lot of space; hence may not be recommended when you have less space. If you feel like something is missing here that could help make the right decision, consider exploring the services offered by the Socialwick team and don't hesitate to share your opinion with fellow Instagram users; they might benefit from your insights!

Types of T-shirt Press Machine

Machines improve all aspects of human life. They help in reducing domestic works like washing machines, dishwashers, and heaters.  The area of life that is most impacted by machinery is the alleviation of work. Machines make work easier. They perform jobs that humans cannot perform on their own, and they can work at speeds humans have no chance at matching. Because of their prevalence in the work environment, machines have been created for almost every thinkable task.

Machine presses can be found in all kinds of workplaces because they can perform a wide range of functions, making them ideal for increasing production in almost any industrial sector. The following are the different types of machine presses.

Forging Press

The machine I used to shape via the application of force. A machine usually carries out forging called a power hammer. Still, a forging press can utilize a mechanical press mechanism that uses cams and screws to exert pressure. Both of these mechanisms have their advantages and disadvantages that include speed and accuracy.

Forging presses can work on a range of different materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics. Forging presses can vary in size, with some small enough to fit inside a person's garage to others that are stories tall. They can also vary in how they are controlled. Some forge presses can be controlled via a fixed control panel like an enclosed industrial control panel in Denver, while others can be controlled with a tablet-like mobile unit.

Punch Press

However, a punch press also uses force to accomplish a task instead of shaping a material like a forging press. A punch press is used to cut holes in the material. A material is fixed in place underneath the ram of the punch press, and when activated, the machine will bring down the ram with immense pressure and force a portion of the material through a predetermined fitting.

There are two designs of the punch press. The c type frame operates via a hydraulic ram and a bedplate used to hold the material in place while working. The second type is a portal frame. It differs from the c type form in that the plate which holds the material is centered on the machine instead of jutting out. Punch presses are used in conjunction with die sets. Die sets are generally customized for whatever specific shape or result is required.

Clamshell Heat Press Machine

This is probably the main heat transfer machine that most people are familiar with. It is simply a heat transfer machine that has been designed to perform its intended job. You can use this machine to heat transfer your artworks on an extensive range of items such as mugs, boxes, sweatshirts.

The press machine opens like an oyster shell. Their designs also vary a little compared to the other models. They feature a hinge between the lower and upper platens, which enables it to open or close as you guess it right clamshell.

Because of how pressure is applied in this particular model of heat press machines, these machines don't do a good job when used to print on thicker garments or mousepads. The clamshell heat transfer machine can further be classified into manual and automatic heat transfer machines. As for the manual version, you will have to open and close the press manually.

Swinger Away Heat Press Machine

For this type of machine, some actual swinging takes place. That is, the upper platen will swing away. 

And since the heating element/upper platen will be swinging away, you will be able to freely manipulate and move the garments laying on the lower platen without fear of obtaining burnt.

One of the main differences between the swinger and the clamshell model above is that this one can work on a wider category of items. So, if you wish to print on different items, including those with various substrates or thicknesses, this is your go-to heat press machine.

These machines are famous for their five and one functionality.

I meant that,   instead of purchasing additional accessories separately, e.g., the mug. Press- and hat press- you’ll be able to perform everything with this machine.

Draw heat press

Regarding the draw heat-press, it's similar to that swinger model we've just discussed above.  Only that lower platen here will be pulling towards you. It enables you to lay garments without necessarily reaching under the upper heat platen.

This particular model features a movable work surface which means you need to take great care when running it to prevent designs from shifting out of place.

Sublimation T-shirt heat press

Then, of course, we have the sublimation heat press machine. This particular model is becoming a hot cake in the heat transfer industry, given that everyone is looking for the best way to transfer top-quality digital images onto their T-shirts.

One special thing about this type of heat press machine lies in how it executes its intended task. It works such that the dye used in the transfer paper will not bleed onto your garment whenever the surface of your heat press machine presses down. 

Note that this is a major design flow associated with almost all machines that are not sublimation heat transfer machines.

Another advantage of the sublimation heat press models is that they are designed with a pretty big surface.

As you know, the larger the heat press machine is, the easier it will become for you to do your heat transfers on larger garment items such as sweat chap pants, sweatshirts, and even the bigger signs.

Final verdict

Clamshell, swinger, draw, and sublimation are the four main types of heat press machines you'll find on the market today. Each of these machines comes with a list of unique features and capabilities.

The fact that they've been designed differently means they'll handle the different tasks. 

This is the only way to ensure you buy the right machine for your business or needs.

The Best T-shirt Press Machine For commercial Use: Better Sub-professional T-shirt Machine


  • Top pick for commercial use 
  • Durable and built to last
  • 15- by-by- inch plate surface 
  • Heats up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Too big for some 
  • Difficult to store 
  • It needs some arm strength

For those who need a press to crank out the volume with consistency, go with the Bettersub Professional T-shirt Machine.  It’s a commercial-sized press at 15-by-15 inches and is built to run with a life of 26,280 hrs.

The Best T-shirt Press Machine for Home Crafters: Cricut Easy Press 2


  • Choice of sizes up to 10- by-12 inches 
  • Top pick for home crafters
  • Includes rest
  • Digital timer and thermostat
  • Heat indicator light


  • It needs to be lifted for use.
  • Not big enough for some
  • Pressure is all manual.

If you need a heat press for home crafting, get the Cricut easy press 2 right now and save yourself some read press like many commercial models.

The Best T-shirt Press Machine with the Highest heat: Fancier Studio Power Heat Press 


  • 15-by-15 inch panel 
  • Electric temperature control up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Durable enough for commercial use
  • Not an unreasonable size for home use


  • Too big for some 
  • No pressure  gauge 
  • We Will need a better silicone mat

The power heat press by Fancierstudio is a nice choice for a clamshell press that's got enough surface area and durability for commercial work but isn't so huge that it couldn't be kept in a home crafter's room.

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