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An Inside Look: What a Measured Building Survey Entails


An Inside Look What a Measured Building Survey Entails

A measured building survey is an in-depth study of a property to accurately record all of its internal and external dimensions and details. This comprehensive process allows builders, architects, and owners to truly understand everything about the spaces within a building. But what exactly does a measured survey involve and why is it so important when work needs to be carried out on a property? This article will explore the key elements of a measured building survey to shed light on this essential first step.

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Defining and Marking Out the Property

The first task in undertaking a measured survey is to clearly identify the boundaries of the land belonging to the property. This allows the surveyor to mark out the footprint of the building and define the perimeter within which measurements will be taken. Any outlying structures like garages, sheds and boundary walls are also accounted for. Once the extent of the plot has been established, a benchmark is marked as a fixed reference point against which all measurement is regulated. 

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Recording the Exterior Dimensions

With the site clearly outlined, attention turns to capturing exterior dimensions. The surveyor from will carefully measure the outer walls and footprint of the building using digital measuring devices like a laser meter. The height and shape of the roofline are also noted in addition to the locations of windows, doors, chimney stacks and any other external features. Subtle attributes like damp areas, drainage points and signs of subsidence may also be flagged. The result is a complete picture of the structure and outer shell of the property.

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Documenting Internal Layouts and Finishes 

Perhaps the most time-consuming element, the surveyor now moves inside to fully document the internal workings of the building. Starting at one corner, each room is entered in sequence to capture sizes, layouts and dimensions to create a detailed floorplan. The position and size of all doors and windows are highlighted alongside finishes like skirting boards, cornices or any decorative elements. Fixtures such as kitchen cabinets, fitted wardrobes or bathroom suites are also precisely located within the spaces. Any signs of damage to existing finishes are indicated such as cracks or dampness. 

Supplementary Information

In addition to measurements, the survey typically captures vital supplementary information. Electrical and plumbing systems are inspected and the position of switches, sockets, pipes and fuse boards are plotted. Heating and ventilation installations are noted for type, age, and location. Special consideration is given to detailing areas of historical significance for listed buildings. The surveyor may also take photographs to support reported information for clarification.

As highlighted, measured building surveys involve rigorous inspection to record precise details about the form and fabric of a property. This comprehensive approach demands patience and an eye for detail but delivers an invaluable record of all physical features. With such an intimate understanding of a building, alterations, repairs, and renovations can then be accurately planned and delivered without any unexpected surprises when work commences! So, whilst time consuming, a measured survey is an investment that provides essential insights.

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