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Mental Health: The Connection Between Cleaning and Mental Health

Mental Health The Connection Between Cleaning and Mental Health

“Get to know the connection between your mental health and the effective cleaning and organizing of your house.” 

When people feel tired and stressed out, they might decide to go for an exercise that will take care of them mentally, which includes exercises like yoga, mindfulness, and massage. 

Some other people choose to clean up the house, like dusting the shelves, cleaning the kitchen, organizing the closet, etc, just like Diamond Home Support North Cornwall will operate. Doing these can be of great benefit to anyone’s mental health.

However, for some people, seeing a clean and organized home can help them unwind and relieve their stress after an overwhelming day. And this is where cleaning and mental health connect.

Now, let’s read on in this article as we look at the negative impact of clutter and mess in your home and how it can affect your mental health.

Negative Impact of Clutter and Mess

Ensuring that a home is always clean is suitable for everyone, and it doesn't matter if your home is tiny. It is not just good because of the purpose of maintaining good hygiene alone. But research reveals that Cleaning your home, or lack of cleaning the house, can directly impact your mental health.

Below is the impact that the appearance of clutter and mess can have on your home.

Let’s look at them. 

Clutter May Contribute to Depression

Many questions might be coming to you now, like how clutter can contribute to depression.

For example, a study published in the Bulletin of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that most women describe their living rooms as unfinished or cluttered projects. Those women tend to be prone to fatigue. However, women who describe their homes as restful or restorative places are usually depressed women. Meanwhile, research also shows that women whose homes are messy usually have high cortisol levels. 

Clutter May Lead to Decreased Focus, Confusion, and Tension

A study revealed that a home is cluttered can make it challenging for someone to pay attention to a particular task. Researchers also discovered that the visual cortex of an individual is usually overwhelmed by a view or object that is not particularly related to a specific task. In the long run, it is more challenging to focus and finish a project efficiently. 

In one way or another, it shows that clutter and mess are connected with negative emotions such as confusion, irritability, and tension. While a clean and organized home results in positive emotions like a sense of well-being and calmness. 

However, it stands for lack of completeness and unfinished business in the brain of anyone, which can result in stress for people. This is usually true with people who have issues or concerns with moving on in their lives.  


In connecting the cleaning of your home to mental health, it is crucial to stay clear of clutter and mess. It is discovered that clutter and mess create more stress and anxiety. But the moment you clean, organize, and reduce the clutter in your home, you can take charge of your environment. Doing this will help you create a more relaxing environment that will help you focus better on other pressing productive issues. 

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