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Through the tactile connection inherent in handcrafting and human finishing skills it possess and hotel a vital preference all over the world. It is well to go in fashion trend and if you mix it with some artistic thoughts. It’s a thought provoking process, creative mental ability and innovative style of art which reflects the inner art of that society. The quality may vary as per the financial and society standards of that region. 

Rates may vary with a huge gap. Suppose a handicraft in a far flung area of any country is of cheaper rate as compared to same product brought to the main hub city and sold in some big shopping market. Some products are made for foreigners and are not used by the locals but many of them are used and worn by the locals. In world of automation where most of the manufactured products are from machines, it seldom to find handcraft clothing’s so common. But where you find them its best. To invest and purchase good variety.

Why to still select Handcraft clothing’s

There are many factors which seduce a normal human to invest in handcraft clothing’s, few of the important are as follow:-

Quality and durability

This clothing material is well selected from specific region and limited mixing opportunities it gives a best quality and durability to the clothing material which results in good quality product.

Customization and uniqueness

By using mental innovation one can design it, what a human wants without restriction of machine restrictions and inabilities. Just a skill full hand experience will mold the art in new designs and artistic abilities, which will be reflected in that product. May it be a jacket or a coat or any clothing than handcraft look figure it out in a prominent way due to its uniqueness.

Artistic Expression

It gives a vision to the product. The artistic approach in this art creates several ways to amend the product in its own way.


As it is void of any preservatives and chemicals, its life is automatically enhanced by the natural content in it and the neutrality in it make it more sustainable. The rigidness in the quality and durability in it due to originality make it a prominent thing to buy.

What handcraft jackets and coats actually are!

These are well knitted or hand crafted garments which blends with latest trends of the society but give a slight touch of that specific culture from where it is purchased. They are specially made by skill designers or artists who are well capable of switching it from one design to another. It not a one day activity, like automatic knitting machines, handcrafting is also a lengthy process, which will be discussed here.

Design and planning

Craftsman inner feelings and innovative out of box designs matter a lot at this stage because this stage will decide about how the artist will shape the product. Many patterns will be created and modified keeping in view the designer budget at this stage.

Material Selection

Now comes the stage of material selection. This stage describes the will of the artist that he the product will look like at the end by adjust the colors and material selection. It’s a difficult task to select the quality in limited budget. The makers suitably selects the colors also to fix or match with cultural orientation.

Knitting or construction

Now come the skill work and the most sensitive task. Threads are assembled carefully by art tools with a detailed work. Several sewing skills will now add to the beauty of that jacket or coat. Different pieces will be joined together to shape it like a final product. Each step require care and every step is precision dominated instead of randomly stitching

Finishing touches

Now comes the refining moment in whole process which give finesse to the product. Final cuts will be imparted and extra threads will be removed. Packing will be arranged to make it more presentable and cleaned as per desired locals. This step also include the quality check, handcraft clothing’s don’t mean anything can be sold to the customer on name of handcraft. Special care is also make to maintain the reputation in the market and the product in the society.

Varieties in Handcraft

Varieties in Handcraft

Leather crafted jackets and coats: Timeless Elegance

It projects a high quality attire. It reflects the pure elegancy style blended with fashion. They are crafted from superior threads which make the more endurable and stiff in any weather. It can be varied in several way, some use them on bikes and some as simple leather coats.

Wool and Kashmiri creations: Luxurious Warmth

The refined knitting art of Kashmir makes them more prominent. Use in varied styles like jacket and coats looks and gives luxury look. These reflects the artesian standards which transformed into fine fabric. Its eye catching and appealing when weaved in an old style techniques.

Quilted and Embroidered: Artistic Expressions

When it comes to comfort and winter protection best suited are special knitted pure wool clothing with elegantly embroidery over it with cultural patterns. The skillful work shows Exquisite craftsmanship and interest of the locals to sell and earn from simple lifestyles. Geometric patterns, floral designs fused with latest trends makes it more graceful and handy to wear.

Knitted and Crocheted Outwear: Cozy and Handmade

Handcrafted knitted jackets and coats gives a comfortable feeling and alluring look in winters. Professionally handled the stitching skills, the installation of buttons and patterns make it a unique attire. Traditional chunky cardigans to Stylish Winter jackets make it distinct.


It’s the adaptable nature of human which adjust in every attire and the innovative mind which use its hand to knit several difficult patterns and clothing’s as per human desires. Keeping in view the seams the patterns varies and projects the cultural abilities of the specific society. Each type of handcraft jacket and coat has a unique charm if carried in a fashionable way and as per the occasion. Visit Be in the Fashion for more updates.

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