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Dispelling the myths about Ielts before taking the test

Dispelling the myths about Ielts before taking the test

IELTS is an important exam carrying international weightage among students seeking overseas education. It has become a popular exam these days and most students prefer to realize their dreams. However, there are many myths and rumours about Ielts and their preparation. These myths are affecting the aspirants negatively in many ways. So, dispelling those is crucial to understand the intended purpose of this exam. First of all, the myth about Ielts coaching in Chandigarh is busted. Many consider that coaching is optional to prepare for this exam. But, without proper training, most students fail to attain the desired band scores. So, let’s check other myths associated with this exam and burst them to reveal the facts.

Common myths and facts about Ielts and its coaching 

Scoring higher bands is impossible

Negativity about anything spreads with words for sure. So, those who never prepare for it sincerely often not get the desired bands. Hence, they develop the false notion that Ielts is the toughest and attaining higher bands is terrible. But this is not the truth about this common English proficiency test. No doubt, Ielts is tough for those who have a poor command of English. But it doesn’t mean that cracking it is like trekking on Mount Everest. Developing your skills with good IELTS coaching classes in Chandigarh can help with goal manifesting. Expert IELTS trainers are extremely helpful for those having poor exposure to English grammar and vocabulary. 

Ielts is a one-time exam

Most students often have a dilemma about whether they can enroll for the IELTS exam for the second time or not. However, rumours are there that students can only attempt the exam once. Thus, scoring a low band score is like losing the hope to realize an international study dream. However, the myth is busted by experts as one can attempt the test until achieving the required benchmark. However, you can hit the mark in one go by joining a professional Ielts coaching centre in Chandigarh. But if you have deviated from your goal for the first time, attempt it again. 

Listening is the toughest module

LOL! Listening in Ielts is the high score-yielding module. It just requires brain training to focus on the conversation to fetch the answers. However, the speed of verbal conversation among two people or a group would rise with each section. But, if you listen carefully, you can even score 9 out of 9 bands in listening. Focus more on this module through IELTS exam preparation in Chandigarh to master your skills. You can get classroom training and audible material for self-practice. Hence, listening is not tough but can help you to obtain a good band score. 

Exceed the word limit to get more marks

This myth is specifically associated with the writing module of IELTS. It comprises tasks 1 and 2 in which students need to show their grammatical and presentation skills. However, many believe that in task 2, you can score extra marks for adding more words than the limit. But scoring good bands in writing is not about making the writing lengthy. However, it should be aligned with creative words and presentation to leave an impression on the examiner. Therefore, you need to improvise grammar instead of making the essay writing lengthy. Expert IELTS coaching in Chandigarh would obviously help you to conquer the goal of best writing presentation.

Getting friendly with the examiner brings more marks 

The IELTS exam is about checking if you are proficient in English speaking or not. So, there is no fact that getting friendly with the examiner can give you more weightage. Your performance in speaking such as accent, style, and actions would make the difference. Also, speaking with confidence can surely impress the examiner to allot you some extra band scores. But there is no truth that you can score better after being friendly with the examiner. However, adding some humour to your speaking may have quite an impressive role in meeting your purpose.

You have to speak in a foreign accent 

Can you speak like that? Do you? No! It’s not necessary to speak in a foreign accent. The examiner expects you to speak with clarity in mind to explain the cue card. So, you can speak in your native accent by keeping the conversation understandable and concise. Don’t be overconfident in front of the examiner as it can degrade you. Be honest and just focus on your verbal speech by considering it a usual talk with a person you know. Well, most students get anxious about speaking tests. But there is nothing to be afraid of since individualized Chandigarh IELTS coaching for speaking can help you enormously.

Computer-based IELTS exam is easier than paper-based

Don’t be a fool with such myths as there is no difference between electronic and traditional Ielts test techniques. However, the level of your comfort can vary as some like pen and paper and others may like computers. The questions for each module in both modes are the same and you have to attempt them perfectly. However, for computer-based tests, you may get specifically designed IELTS classroom coaching in Chandigarh. You may engage with practice tests for electronic mode to improve the speed of attempting questions. 

To sum up

These are some silly myths aired about the IELTS exam. However, if you are serious about your goals, don’t trust these myths. Just start preparing for the exam to reach your aim. Joining the best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh is key to scoring good bands. You can get training from expert faculties to improve your English skills from scratch. It makes you confident and will support you to attain the desired band scores in IELTS.  

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