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Crack CTET Examination in First Attempt| Tips and Tricks


Crack CTET Examination in First Attempt Tips and Tricks

Central Teacher Eligibility test, also known as CTET, is one of the typical exams to crack. This examination is mandatory for candidates who want to teach in government schools. As soon as the official notification of the CTET examination is released, students start filling out forms and take CTET coaching in Chandigarh. Qualifying for the CTET examination is not as easy as it is. Students have to study each aspect and have to stay updated with current affairs and subjects. 

We know many students dream of cracking examinations on their first attempt. Admit it; it can get a higher rank if you follow these simple tips and tricks. So, fasten your seat belts and check these amazing strategies to qualify for the examination.

Start With the CTET Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Before you jump to the tips and tricks, it is vital to understand the CTET exam pattern and syllabus. According to the best CTET coaching in Chandigarh, the exam has two levels covering different syllabi, but the examination pattern is the same. Let's have a deeper look at the syllabus that has to be covered in the CTET exam.

CTET Paper 1 Subjects

Paper 1 covers the following subjects: Language 1 (Compulsory), Child Development and Pedagogy (CDP), Language II (Compulsory), mathematics, subject concerned pedagogy, subject environmental studies, and others. 

Students can choose any study material that covers the entire syllabus in one textbook. There are lots of PDFs available online to prepare for the CTET examination. In addition, you can join CTET coaching in Chandigarh to learn the concepts.

CTET Paper 2 Subjects

Paper 2 covers Science, mathematics, social science, subject concerned pedagogy, language I and II (Compulsory), and social studies. The student has to prepare for all the concepts carefully and solve questions. Since science, social science, and mathematics are challenging subjects, you may proceed with CTET coaching in Chandigarh to prepare for the examination. Professional tutors help to clear your doubts about the subject and help you learn effortlessly.

Key Note about CTET Examination

Keep in mind that the CTET examination has been conducted offline. 

There are around 150 questions. 

Students have to attempt all these questions within 150 minutes.

Scholars have 1 minute for each question.

No negative marking in the examination.

Subject pedagogy covers around 30 marks. 

It has 50% of questions from other associated subjects.

Due to the short time span, students must solve questions promptly and seamlessly. Therefore, students need to get professional CTET coaching in Chandigarh to know the tips & tricks for solving questions quickly.

How to Crack CTET Examination in First Attempt?

Many students dream of cracking the CTET examination on their first attempt. Unfortunately, due to the examination pattern's complexity, many students cannot crack the examination in the first attempt. This is why we here provide you with the most valuable CTET examination preparation tips followed by professionals of CTET coaching in Chandigarh.

Understand the Subject

Foremost, students must understand the core subjects covered in the CTET examination. The thorough research covers understanding the syllabus, exam pattern, marking scheme, and more. This helps you know about weaker areas and concepts you need to clear and also helps to learn about current affairs. The understanding also helps to prepare a strategy for the examination.

Basic Concepts & Foundation

Once you know about the basic subjects covered in the CTET examination, identify each subject's basic concepts. Remember, most of the time, questions come from basic concepts. Therefore, understanding the basic concepts helps to solve questions faster. It will help if you have in-depth knowledge of Child development and pedagogy, which is the core subject of papers I and II.

Study Textbooks of CTET

There are a lot of CTET examination textbooks available for the students. The books act as strong pillars to prepare for the examination. Moreover, textbooks cover all the concepts and fundamentals you need to understand for examination. 

Some textbooks also cover practice papers and mock tests that can help students evaluate their weaknesses so they can prepare accordingly. If you need to learn the textbooks, get help from CTET coaching in Chandigarh. Institutes provide the best study material in a customized manner. This helps to prepare for the examination easily.

Solve CTET Mock Tests

The test is excellent for self-evaluation. This helps you know how much time you take to solve the paper and how to improve to finish the examination on time. Moreover, mock tests also help you to identify your falling points. Most CTET coaching in Chandigarh also conducts special mock test sessions for the students to evaluate their skills. Likewise, you can proceed with a mock test or take additional coaching for CTET preparation.

Identify the Bridge Gap

After finishing your mock test, make sure to identify your gaps. Therefore, by analyzing your gaps, you can plan your studies accordingly. If you are still looking for gaps, take CTET coaching in Chandigarh. Professional assistance helps you in examination preparation and solves all your queries.

Prepare Quick Revision Notes

Revision notes are vital in brushing up your command of the subject. Moreover, the revision notes serve as your last-minute tutor to cover all syllabuses quickly. Therefore, preparing all the notes, especially the questionnaire, is an excellent decision.

Boost Speed

CTET is all about solving questions speedily. It consists of 150 questions, and you get only 150 minutes to solve the paper. Therefore, you have to improve your speed and solve questions quickly. To boost your speed, practice mock tests and try to solve questions accurately.

Take CTET Coaching

If you are unable to prepare for the CTET examination on your own, it would be beneficial to have CTET coaching in Chandigarh. The expert coaching institutes provide highly educated faculty and an interactive learning environment. They provide the right guidance to crack the examination with the highest score.

Bottom Line

CTET examination makes you eligible to work as a qualified teacher in government schools. Therefore, you must prepare for the examination keenly to crack it within one go. Stay focused on your studies and the core fundamentals of CTET papers. You can choose professional CTET coaching in Chandigarh to get appropriate guidance and prepare for the examination easily.

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