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Sell more with WhatsApp Business API


Sell more with WhatsApp Business API

A Chatbot is a program developed by professionals in such a way that it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language processing) to understand the questions, automate the most appropriate reply, and hold up the conversation just like a human. In the past, chatbots were only text-based and programmed to reply to a particular set of questions, with answers already input into the program when the developer made it. Remember those repeated replies in the past from certain websites! Remember, those replies in the 

Usage of Chatbots

Chatbots operate like an interactive FAQ. Even though it worked well for those specific questions and answers for which their existence started! Sadly, it failed when asked a complex question. Now that we have advanced so much in this field that chatbots' abilities isn't limited to just some basic replies, AI chatbots now use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to respond to users' needs. It uses advanced AI tools to understand what the user is trying to say and then reply with the most appropriate response to the user's query. Using elements of AI, like machine learning and deep learning, with some nuanced differences, improves their ability to predict users' needs more accurately and respond correctly over time. Deep learning helps these AI chatbots become more efficient by building a web of correct responses through past interactions. It would mean that the longer the AI chatbot is used, the stronger and more accurate its responses are than those of a recently developed program-based chatbot.     

Personalized experience  

The WhatsApp Business API chatbot can provide personalized product recommendations to the customer based on previous history, browsing behavior, or requirements. It can narrow the customer's choice by presenting them with the most relatable product and making it easier for them to buy. Along with the most appropriate product according to the client's requirement, the chatbot can also show them your business's most popular or the most sold product and pitch them to buy it. In this way, it will help your business in getting more sales.   

Instant responses   

With WhatsApp chatbot API, businesses can opt for automatic responses to customers even though these are not artificially intelligent. Still, they can be interactive, engage with the customers, and help them. Businesses can also set up welcome messages to greet their clients. With the latest features like WhatsApp auto reply or WhatsApp notifications, businesses can now interact with their customers 24x7, even on the weekends or public holidays. Instant responses also help to increase sales because quick replies help the customers to make a fast decision and make shopping easier.   

Saves money and time    

With deep learning, chatbots continuously improve themselves by responding better and minimizing costs. Since chatbots do all the repetitive tasks of customer service, the freed-up employees can make sales or attend to urgent matters rather than doing customer service and helping people with the same task repeatedly. It directly helps regulate the workflow, save money, and increase sales.    

Generate leads     

Before the chatbot starts any chat, it can start collecting leads for your marketing team by asking the visitors for names, phone numbers, and email IDs. After it has generated that lead, it can verify it further by- 

Asking the customers about their requirements 

Identifying which product would be the best fit for them

Transferring all the leads to the sales or service team to convert those leads into sales by calling them 

Briefly explain the product and its benefits or uses.     

Generate Sales 

Chatbots can also increase business sales by turning the person texting for the first time into a new client by showing off the most appropriate product according to their requirements, along with the business's best-selling products. The chatbot will also personalize product recommendations and help the client step by step to place an order and confirm the sale.  

Abandoned cart recovery   

It often happens when a customer adds a few products to the cart but does not place the order. These are called abandon cards. So, whenever a customer abandons their card, the chart bought can send them an automated text reminder or even a lustrous offer, enticing them to complete the purchase. Through this, the chatbot can recover lost sales and improve the conversion rate by considering many new businesses.   


Cross-selling means suggesting complimentary products, and people buy them together. For example, if you purchase product 'A', which often compliments product 'B', the chatbot can suggest a complementary product to the customers for an additional purchase. In this way, the chatbot can scale the sales of related products by using algorithms and customer data and can effectively cross-sell to increase the average order value.   

Customer Feedback and review   

After the customer has successfully purchased some products, the chatbot can request honest feedback or review from the customer. In this way, you can display positive reviews to build strong social proof while addressing the negative feedback to improve customer satisfaction and maybe even the product. 

Order placement and tracking   

Customers can also place orders directly through the chatbot, which is way more effortless. Besides putting the order, they can also get tracking details and shipping information. This way, customers will not have to go to the website every time to track the order, with just a simple text, and the chatbot will send them all the tracking details.   


Chatbots can give you a detailed view of preferences and buying patterns. The marketing team can later use this information to optimize marketing promotions and campaigns, and the sales team can refine their strategies to mainly focus on the products that the chatbot indicates to be best-selling.    

Wrapping up  

WhatsApp AI chatbots are very helpful for a business, especially in increasing sales and providing faster and better customer service. Few businesses consider WhatsApp API chatbot their best employee as it is never sick and works 24/7, even on the holidays. If you own such chatbot ensure you have a good SEO on it, to turn famous easily.

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