Tuesday, May 2, 2023

How to Live More Sustainably - Changes You Can Make Right Now


How to Live More Sustainably - Changes You Can Make Right Now

As you look at your life right now, are you happy and content with how sustainable it is? You may think that it takes a lot of effort to be sustainable, but it is easier than you think. So, are you doing what you can to live sustainably? If you are not acting in a sustainable way, then you will be having a negative impact on the world around you and on the environment too. Often you will find that small changes can quickly and easily be made with little to no impact on your life and lifestyle.

Switch to Refills

You can kickstart your efforts by switching to refills. Most likely, you will find that the products you buy currently are made from single-use plastics and containers that are doing nothing positive for the environment. A lot of products can be refilled quickly and easily, including washing up liquid, liquid soap, and fabric conditioner. When you refill the items you use every day, you avoid using additional and unnecessary packaging and plastic, which will only end up in the landfill.

Be More Conscious About Packaging You Purchase

A lot of food is packaged in shrink wrap or in boxes and trays that are non-recyclable and non-compostable. These products are not good for the environment, and they need to be cut out of your lifestyle today. Being more conscious about the food you purchase (and the packaging it is contained within) will not take up too much of your time. Looking out for compostable vegaware trays and other vegaware products is easier than you think. Making the switch and being more conscious about where you get takeaway food from can be a small change that can have a big impact.

Donate and Share

Living sustainably is all about being happy with what you have at this moment in time. When you keep pushing and wanting more, you find that you end up with items you don't need (or will not use). When this happens, you need to focus on donating and sharing where you can. If you have an excess amount of leftover food or ingredients, then share them in the local community, and do not let them go to waste. Or, if you have a surplus of clothes (after a recent decluttering session), donate them to a local charity or shelter.

Reduce Waste

To reduce clothing waste, you may want to start purchasing one or two good quality pieces of clothing rather than filling your wardrobe with cheap fast fashion. Food waste and clothing waste adds up. You may buy items because they are cheap or because they are fashionable. However, how sustainable are they? Are they hardy and long-lasting? A lot of clothing can be produced (and purchased) cheaply as it does not last. This clothing ends up in a landfill and is not recycled. To reduce food waste, you may wish to start meal planning to ensure you use up everything you purchase. 

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