Thursday, May 11, 2023

Are You Doing Oil Pulling In The Right Way?


Are You Doing Oil Pulling In The Right Way

You might have heard about oil pulling from many health experts. It is basically an ancient Ayurveda remedy that people around the world have used for centuries. The majority of people are still unaware of how to do oil pulling right. There is no strict way of doing oil pulling; all you need is coconut oil. You can also combine it with sage essential oil if you have poor dental health.


Oil pulling is a practice that involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth and spitting it out. This process needs to be done from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much you do it.

Cleanse your mouth and gums

Oil pulling is a natural method of cleansing your mouth. It can help to reduce bad breath and gum disease by removing bacteria from the mouth.

Oil pulling works because it pulls out plaque, which causes bad breath and gum disease. Plaque is made up of bacteria that live in your mouth, which causes bad breath or tooth decay if left unchecked.

Reduce bad breath, and plaque buildup

Oil pulling can reduce bad breath, plaque buildup on teeth, and gum disease. It's found that more than 80 percent of people have bad-breath issues at least once per month—and it's easy to see why! When you eat or drink something sour or acidic, your tongue and oral cavity are constantly covered with bacteria that produce malodorous compounds. These toxins build up over time until they become so thick that they block the airway passage between your mouth and nose (think: onion breath).


Oil pulling has been shown to help remove these toxins by gently massaging them away from your throat while they're still fresh enough (within 30 minutes) before they have time to become lodged in other parts of your body, such as sinuses or ears where they can cause problems later down the line if left untreated long enough. 

Improve the health of your gums.

Oil pulling is also good for your gums. Gum disease is a common problem among adults, but it's also common in children too. The most common type of gum disease involves plaque buildup on teeth that causes bad breath and gives you a red or swollen appearance when you smile.


Oil pulling can also improve your overall health by helping you get rid of other harmful bacteria that cause infections like strep throat or colds (which are caused by viruses). 

You should do oil pulling for at least 10 minutes a day. 

The most popular methods of doing this are with a toothbrush or spoon; however, there are many other ways: using only water (the easiest method), a finger or a spoon, or an empty water bottle instead! 

Signing off,

Hope you found the blog informative and helpful in understanding the benefits of oil pulling. Oil pulling has plenty of benefits and can help you improve your oral health. You can also try various essential oils like sage essential oil in combination with coconut oil for extra benefits.

Do you practice oil pulling? Share your views on oil pulling in the comment box.

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