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How to Cure Numbness in Feet?


How to Cure Numbness in Feet?

You can suffer from feet numbness because of the wrong posture, back injury, diabetes, and many more. You must cure numbness in feet by doing some daily exercise, or you can perform home remedies to cure feet numbness. 

However, light therapy can help you reduce numbness and pain in your feet as it can ensure the release of blood flow and repair of cells in your body. 

Therefore, the best home remedies that can cure numbness in feet without any hassle are mentioned in this article. Binge till the end. 

Best Possible Ways to Cure Numbness in Feet

There are multiple home remedies that you must perform daily to cure numbness in your feet but it is better to embark on why you are suffering from this condition. In most cases, people suffer from feet numbness because of blocked blood vessels and improper diet. 


Here we have mentioned how to detect your suffering from foot numbness and the best remedies to cure numbness in your feet effortlessly. 

  • Itching 
  • Burning
  • Tickling
  • Tingling


The cause of this numbness is not because of blocked blood flow. It can happen due to long walks or due to pressure nerves. You can reduce numbness by taking rest and providing your feet with relaxation. Also, you can place the pillow underneath your feet to reduce the heavy blood flow from your legs. 

Cold compression or Ice Packs 

If your feet are numb but sore, it is best to take the cold compression. Ice can reduce swelling in feet and pressure nerves to calm the muscles. Also, you can apply wrap ice packs for fifteen minutes to reduce swelling from feet or legs. This is the best remedy for you if you are suffering from swollen or numb legs due to sports injuries.

Light therapy

Light therapy can cure numbness in feet by stimulating blood flow while penetrating your skin. It releases nitric oxide from the red blood cells and blood vessels to cure numbness in the feet. 

The nitric oxide makes the blood vessels widen, also known as vasodilation the process. It targets directly to the blood flow and provides oxygen to your nerves which helps reduce pain due to poor blood circulation. 


This home remedy might work on stiff, tense, and sore muscles as it can cause numbness in your feet. The heat remedy can loosen the tissues easily as it can energize the blood flow and release muscle stiffness. 

Although you must avoid applying warm or overheated water to your feet, lukewarm water can prevent numbness swiftly. 

But, after this remedy, you must wrap your feet with some cloth or towel to encounter cold air. And you must repeat this remedy two times a day or according to your doctor’s instruction. 

Exercise to circulate blood flow

You must exercise to energize your muscles and the tissues of your feet, or they might get weak. Some small exercises can stimulate blood to reduce numbness in your feet. You can try Yoga and pilates to circulate needed blood flow to heal the injury swiftly. Or, it might lead to severe heart diseases and blocked blood vessels in your feet. 

Epsom Salt Baths 

Epsom salt contains magnesium that can reduce the numbness in feet and promote healthy blood flow. This salt can heal the damaged or blocked blood vessels in your feet, causing numbness. Moreover, it has no side effects and is available in online stores. 

Mental Techniques and stress reduction 

Most people suffer from feet numbness if they are suffering from stress. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks can produce numbness in your feet. So you must know mental techniques to reduce stress by maintaining a calm posture, taking a deep breath, and taking a break from stressful workloads. 

Also, fibromyalgia and MS patients should focus on the fact that their feet numbness is for short period and will go away eventually. 

Healthy Diet 

If you are skipping healthy food with full nutrients and vitamins, then this might be the reason you are suffering from feet numbness. Vitamin B is essential for your body to heal any injury, so lacking this component means you are at a higher risk of nerve damage. You must intake a full-nutrient diet and vitamin pills that can produce healthy cells to fight against infections and cure injuries swiftly.

Reduction of alcohol 

Addiction to alcohol can lead to feet numbness as it carries toxins and damage nerve system. This habit can lead to other severe heart diseases, and you might suffer from chronic pain or inflammatory conditions. You must avoid it as it can damage blood flow in your body and ruin your body slowly. 


You can experience numbness in your feet due to putting much pressure on the nervous system. To reduce the numbness and pain in your feet, you must relieve pressure by bracing. Orthotic devices are available to help you release pressure at home. 

Bottom Line 

Cure numbness in feet depends on the cause of why you are suffering from this sensation. Reduction of alcohol and meditation are severe health conditions as they can affect your body in numerous ways, and it is best to join rehab centers or therapy to handle your hormones. Light therapy can also be an ideal solution if you suffer from numbness due to long working hours. 

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