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Tools that you can use for Freelancing


Tools that you can use for Freelancing

One of the best things about the age of the internet is that you can use it to make a living out of it. While there are a lot of remote jobs out there, the internet also gives you the liberty to freelance, which means that you work as per your own rules. All you need is a platform such as Upwork or Fiverr that you could work on and a fast and reliable internet connection such as Spectrum internet

Before you start freelancing, there are some tools that you should know about since they are essentially required to freelance as perfectly as possible. To find out what those tools are, keep reading ahead:

1. Dribble

Dribble is one of the best platforms for people who work as freelance designers or graphic designers in general. It allows people to showcase their work which would increase their chances of getting a freelance gig. 

All you need to do is to create a portfolio for yourself that includes your best work. Compiling your best work into one place that you could use as a pitch is what a portfolio is for. You can also get a lot of meaningful ideas from Dribble that you could later incorporate into your own work as well. 

You can get a subscription to Dribble as well, if you end up getting the Pro Business version of it, you can also find some freelance work using the app after people view your work and choose to work with you. 

2. Time Doctor

Do you feel like you have a hard time sitting down and dedicating time to your work? Does that usually result in a loss of productivity and you feel like you aren’t getting enough work done? For that matter, you could get Time Doctor for yourself, which helps you keep track of your work progress and lets you know how productive you are being. 

Averagely, the app allows you to be 22% more productive than you usually are which results in you getting more work done. The app monitors whatever you are doing so that it could help keep a log of your activity. 

3. Cushion

Cushion is a very convenient app that allows freelancers to track their workload and see when they are available so that they could take up gigs accordingly. Not only does the app help you with your workload but it also helps you manage your finances by tracking your invoices and the time it takes for you to work on the project. The app also has a very simple user interface, which makes it fairly easy for freelancers to manage their work and their invoices. 

Not only can you log your earning but you can also log your expenditure to see how much you are saving up. In this way, you can keep in check how much work are you doing, how much time are you putting into it and what would you be earning for it. On top of that, you can also keep tabs on your savings. 

4. Sumo

Do you ever wish you could bring back people to your website after they had bought something from you? Better yet, do you wish that you could bring more people in the form of organic traffic to your website? What if we told you that you could actually do that? 

There’s an entire tool for that called Sumo which allows you to bring back customers to your website and it also attracts an audience to your website. This helps increase your revenue as more work is brought to you and you would be able to take on more projects or even sell your work online. 

Sumo is very easy for people to use and any freelancer can use it to make the best out of their freelancing experience. If you wish to have more people visit your website, then make sure that you get Sumo for the ultimate experience!

5. Evernote

The best app to have if you really wish to organize yourself. You can take notes, set reminders and you can even jot down ideas on Evernote. Let’s just say you came up with a cool idea and you don’t wish to forget it later, what do you do? 

You download Evernote of course! Similarly, if you have a meeting with a client and they have a long list of demands, where do you note them? You guessed it, Evernote! Think of it like a board that you could pin notes on, just virtually. It helps you keep on track as you are working so that you could keep up to speed with your goals and tasks. 

Wrapping Up

Freelancing is one of the best decisions one could take for themselves since it gives you the liberty to work whenever you want and how much you want. Just be sure to have all these notes so that you could keep yourself as organized as possible!

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