Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Men’s Bags Are In Jump on The Trend Today


Men’s Bags Are In Jump on The Trend Today

When it comes to smart wardrobe investments, more and more men are becoming wise to the idea of buying designer bags. This may have been big news just twenty years ago, but as social media takes off, bags are becoming a more unisex item. This isn’t just because of fashion awareness though; bags are often seen as a recession-proof investment as many classic bags never go out of style. On top of this, celebrity trends and more male celebrities happily sporting bags to events means the bag isn’t just a useful item for men to have, it’s also a trending item that many men are capitalising on.  

When Did This Trend Begin?

The popularity of men’s bags began to rise as male fashion influences online started sourcing designer bags as a part of their looks. This then spurred the designer market itself to start becoming more inclusive of men’s bags, especially in street-style collections, branching beyond the traditional briefcase and duffle bag to embrace sling bags, shoulder bags, cross-body bags and more. From this point onwards, bags started to be worn by male celebrities, and then soon were starting to be seen on the shoulders of regular people as trends came down the line. Now, the male bag industry is growing steadily, allowing for more style options from more brands. 

As Seen on Runways

Menswear designers' attitudes toward bags are changing, as demonstrated by recent fashion weeks. 


Once upon a time, pairing a bag with a look on the runway was reserved for more feminine looks, even when worn by men. Which turned the bag into a taboo choice. Then, over time, menswear designers have proved that you can pair a stunning designer bag with a traditionally masculine outfit before slowly branching out into more and more varied looks as time went on. 


For example, recently in Milan Fendi unveiled a collaboration with Japanese luggage expert Porter and men's versions of the label's signature Baguette and Peekaboo bags. Soon after, these bags were seen by Japanese celebrities and western celebrities alike and then were adopted by social media influencers. 


This trend is going to continue to rise also, as time goes on. This is due to the fact that everyday men in their lives are also embracing the bag more and more, with the tote bag being sported by people of all ages these days. This means a bag like a luxury tote will return your investment in years to come.  

Embrace The Trend

It can be daunting to see a new trend arise that can push your boundaries, especially seeing that men and bags have had a complicated relationship throughout history. If you google ‘men’s bags’ some questions you will see arise are: "are man bags acceptable?" and “Is a man able to carry a purse? How to carry a man's bag and "What goes into a man's bag?" This is all due to outdated notions of who can wear what. Bags, when you look past the colour and style are something that is used to carry your belongings from one place to another, and when you keep this in mind, hopping on the trend is easy. No more overstuffed pockets or discomfort.  

Which Brand Should You Start With? 

Many brands are making quality men’s bags, with some even having dedicated men’s bags alongside their menswear. For example, if you head to the Louis Vuitton website, you’ll see a classic monogrammed sling bag that will be on trend for years to come. If you start off by investing in classic bags, you can have one daily bag ready to go before you start expanding your personal collection. 

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