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Himalayan Salt: Acidic or Basic Nature


Himalayan Salt: Acidic or Basic Nature

Compositional analysis of synthetic salt shows that it has two parts an acidic radical and a basic radical. The PH of salt depends on the strength of acidic and basic radicals. In this article, we will discuss the PH of naturally occurring Himalayan Salt and which radicals are responsible for the PH of salt. To understand the answer to this question, it is essential to know about the composition of Himalayan Salt. We will discuss the PH of Himalayan Salt with a comparison of its components.

The solution of Himalayan salt is slightly acidic in nature.

Bulk Himalayan Salt is the naturally occurring mineral salt (halite) found in rocks. These rocks are formed by the chemical process that occurred some hundred years ago. Its large deposits are found in the Himalayan foothills of Khewra district Jehlum of Punjab, Pakistan. 

This salt is naturally found in pink color. Its purest form has cubic crystalline geometry. It has earned popularity due to its distinct color and fine crystals. Himalayan Salt is composed of 98% sodium chloride and 2% minerals (alkaline and transition metal salts). 

The PH of Himalayan salt in its solution is slightly basic (PH of pure NaCl is 7, neutral). The alkalinity of Himalayan salt is due to the presence of metallic salt in the form of minerals.  

Salt Solution in water is alkaline

The Himalayan salt forms a clear solution when added to water. This solution is basic in nature. The solution's essential nature is due to its presence of metallic minerals. 

Benefits of Himalayan Saltwater

Most cell volume consists of water, an essential part of our life. Water is necessary to regulate the normal function of our body. 

Keeps body hydrated

Keeps body hydrated

We need to drink water daily to keep the body hydrated. From this perspective, drinking alkaline water is one of the more suitable ways to balance the body's water level. Dehydration can cause constipation, stomach issue, and liver diseases. Water consumption controls body metabolisms by removing waste products.

Balancing PH Levels With Himalayan Pink Salt

The reported PH value of blood is 7.35-7.45. A slight alteration of this PH can cause severe health issues. Body enzymes work at optimum PH. Such as, enzymes in the small intestine require alkaline PH to work appropriately for food digestion. The activity of enzymes can be regulated by drinking more alkaline water, commercially available water with high PH value.

Alkaline Water as an antioxidant and anti-aging:

Saltwater can act as an antioxidant to control the production of fat cells. The National Library of Medicine has reported a case study about the effect of alkaline water intake by analysis of the blood of the sample before and after consumption. The study has proved the antioxidant effect of water in blood cells by measurement of ROS, SOD-1, and GSH levels in the blood.

Helps in weight loss:

Nowadays, we rely on eating more junk food and frozen items to live an easy life. The digestion of this food is complex, and it causes acidity in the body. The accumulation of fats in the body causes obesity (sink of diseases). The intake of alkaline water controls acidity and makes the digestion process faster, which reduces the accumulation of fats and waste minerals that are discharged through the body in urine.

Helps to neutralize the acidity of the stomach:

Helps to neutralize the acidity of the stomach:

The acidity of the stomach can be very pain full and cause severe health issues due to food poisoning. 

Alkaline water has been used as a treatment for laryngopharyngeal and gastroesophageal reflux diseases by neutralizing the acidity of the stomach.

How to prepare Alkaline Water:

Required ingredients:

  • Water
  • Lemon
  • Himalayan Pink Salt

Take a jug of water and add the juice of 2 lemons to it (we can also add slices of lemon). Now add a suitable amount of Himalayan Salt to it. Store it for 8-9 hours in the refrigerator and enjoy the alkaline water for the whole day.

Risk of a large intake of Saltwater

All the reported advantages of drinking alkaline water are limited by two factors:

  • PH-value of alkaline water
  • Amount of water consumed per day 
  • According to numerous studies cited by the WHO, drinking alkaline water with a higher PH value or consuming it in excess beyond what is considered safe poses health concerns. The reported study has highlighted the following results:
  • Alkaline water with a pH greater than 9 causes skin and eye irritation in mice and rabbits
  • In humans, water with a pH higher than 10 causes skin, eye, and mucus membrane irritation; 
  • A high intake of salt water can cause an increase in blood pressure.
  • It may also induce gastrointestinal irritation in sensitive persons. 

From where to get Bulk Himalayan Salt 

The purest resources of Himalayan Salt are present in Pakistan, and exporting companies are working to supply pure salt6 to the world. One of these Himalayan salt suppliers and Exporter is Standard Salts, they have earned high fame in the market due to their fine and reliable products. We should be very conscious about the quality of salt because all benefits are associated with purity and the natural form of salt.

Keeps body hydrated


Health is very important for a layman to a prince equally. Nature has given us lots of products to help our health; we need to use them instead of rushing to synthetic products. No doubt, medication is required to treat diseases, but if we add healthy habits to our diet, the chances of diseases can be reduced. If we eat junk food regularly, we should add alkaline salt water to our fluid intake.


Q1: What is the nature of Himalayan salt?

Answer: Himalayan salt itself is neutral in nature. However, the solution of himalayan salt may be slightly acidic or basic in nature.

Q2: Is himalayan salt good for acidity?

Answer: Yes, himalayan salt is good for acidity. Himalayan salt helps to prevent acid reflux by regulating the pH of the body.

Q3: Can we use himalayan salt in our diet?

Answer: Yes, we can use himalayan salt in our diet. Because it contains minerals in it.

Q4: Which salt reduces acidity?

Answer: Sodium bicarbonate is known for reducing stomach acidity. Sodium Bicarbonate acts as a quick anti-acid.

Q5: Can salt water become acidic?

Answer: A series of chemical reactions occur when carbon dioxide is absorbed by water from the air. This causes an increase in the concentration of hydrogen ions in water. This increase in concentration causes water to become more acidic.

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