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Future of 360 Degree Photography In India


Future of 360 Degree Photography In India

360-degree automotive photography has gained popularity in the car market, setting the latest trend in the online car industry. Organizations that have integrated 360-degree visuals into their business have seen rapid expansion. Organizations use various automated or manual tools for car background editing to look more detailed and specific to the buyers.

Definition Of 360-Degree Photography

360-degree photography is a style of photography that completely encircles an object to capture it from all angles. In most cases, this is accomplished by putting the target object on a rotating turntable and taking numerous images from various angles. The photos are combined in post-processing to create a spherical perspective of the item.

With 360-degree product photographs, customers can examine a car in a lot more depth and get a greater sense of the goods. Augmented reality (AR) and 360-degree pictures are frequently used interchangeably, but they are different. Although the two have some overlap, 360-degree photographs may be produced on almost any budget, but augmented reality requires a lot more production work. In contrast to 360-degree photography, augmented reality (AR) combines the real environment with interactive additions like sound, images, and computer-generated features.

What Is The Scope Of 360-Degree Photography In India?

There was a time when buyers visited the dealership to inspect and buy the car. However, with the rise in digitalization and expansion of eCommerce platforms, buyers want everything at their fingertips. Nowadays, the presentation of cars on e-commerce platforms highly impacts a buyer's decisions. The customer wants more photos than ever. In 2016, a study found that online buyers expect three images of every car they consider. When the same study was conducted again in 2019, it found that online buyers expect eight images per vehicle. The study also concluded that 69% of online buyers leave a website without purchasing due to insufficient information about the car. 

Hence, having 360-degree images of the car on your platform can give you an edge over the competitors and increase your user engagement. We will discuss more benefits of 360-degree car photography in the upcoming part of the blog.

Benefits Of 360 Degree Car Photography For An Organizations

Drive more conversions

A 3D photograph of a product can provide far more context than a conventional 2D image. A complete 360-degree view lets customers see how the car will look and feel from every angle. Presenting your cars in an engaging manner has become crucial to attracting customers to your store. Your website's 360-degree photographs are essential to presenting yourself in the best possible light. 

Boost website engagement

A 2D image can only be used in so many ways. Your consumers and audience can truly get to know the product using 360-degree pictures. Because 360-degree photographs are interactive, there's a significant chance that prospective customers will stay on your website longer, giving you more opportunities to explain why you're a good fit.

Decrease return rates

After making investments in 360-degree imagery, with the assistance of 360-degree photo organizations, e-commerce return rates have significantly decreased. 360-degree pictures were beneficial for engaging and informing potential buyers while lowering return rates. Seeing the complete view of the car can verify that the customer's choice is made correctly from the outset. E-commerce experiences a 2x increase in returns compared to in-store transactions. Through 360-degree imaging, several of the most frequent reasons for returns, such as sizing and style, can be decreased.

Beat the competition

Going above and beyond with your car images is a chance to stand out as consumer shopping habits transition to digital. You want to seize every opportunity to stand out, from optimizing your car pages to providing first-rate customer service. 360-degree images are a simple and affordable solution for most businesses to give their car shots a vibrancy and show how the car operates in the real world. 360-degree pictures are a powerful method to distinguish your business from the competition and avoid getting lost in the famously competitive world of e-commerce. You can benefit from 360-photos for many years while your competitors concentrate on the next hot marketing strategy.


The dealership or platforms that have integrated 360-degree photos of their cars have shown extensive growth in their business. These photos provide an overall view of the interior and exterior of the vehicle to make it simple for the buyer to decide. However, car background for editing is one of the most crucial steps of making 360-degree car photography.

Spyne is one of the best platforms for car retailers to shoot 360-degree videos, and they offer 100+ car backgrounds for editing. They provide you with convenient, seamless, smooth & tech-driven solutions. They have used AI effectively in the car e-commerce space to revolutionize the selling and buying of online cars.

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