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Do You Satisfy the Criteria Necessary to Acquire Legal Assistance for Your Family Mediation Case?


Do You Satisfy the Criteria Necessary to Acquire Legal Assistance for Your Family Mediation Case?

Legal aid is no longer available for the purpose of supporting the costs that attorneys charge for representing clients in divorce proceedings in the United Kingdom, unless there are exceptional circumstances, as a result of changes made to the law a few years ago. These changes occurred in the United Kingdom. However, legal assistance has still been supplied to those who meet the criteria in order to help in the cost of mediation, such as the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMS) or the successive meditational meetings. This is the case of whether or not the individual is having participated in the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting or the successive meditational sessions. It makes no difference if the mediation occurs in person or over the phone; this is always the case.

Because evaluating whether or not a person is qualified for legal assistance is one of the things that our team is questioned about the most often, we would like to provide some clarity on a few aspects that are connected to this sometimes-cloudy subject area.

The legislation requires divorcing couples to first attend and participate in a mediation session before they may legally petition the courts for a divorce and begin the divorce process. Your present and prior income levels will be taken into consideration in order to assess whether or not you are qualified for legal help.

In the context of mediation, a determination of qualification for legal aid is made.

Even though the specifics of each person's life are different, as a general rule, you may be eligible for financial assistance with legal matters if you can demonstrate that you meet one or more of the following requirements: You must be a resident of the United States; you must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States; you must have a valid driver's licence

  • You are qualified for a variety of benefits, such as the income related ESA, as well as the Income Support.
  • After paying your taxes and a number of payments, such as your rent or mortgage, you have a little amount of money remaining in your bank account. After taking into consideration all of these expenses, it seems that your regular income is less than £XXXX each month.
  • The amount of money you have saved up is less than £XXX at this moment
  • You are currently receiving benefits that are proportional to the amount you have contributed, or you have a modest annual income.

Even if both you and your partner are considering going in different directions, as lengthy as both of you are eligible for legal aid, users both will benefit from it. The initial evaluation (MIAM) as well as the first session will be provided to you at no cost. This is the case even if you are considering going your separate ways. This is true even if you are planning to go your own ways. The expenditures of any further mediation sessions will be paid for by legal aid on behalf of the party that is eligible for the assistance; however, the other party will be responsible for paying the fee that the mediator charges for their services. Sebastian Church Children Mediation specialists.

Documentation of Your Relative Position in the Current Financial Market

You have the option of having a review of your eligibility for legal help done in advance or at the very first meeting of MIAMs;

however, you will be needed to show documentation of your current financial condition in order to have the evaluation done. You will be required to produce evidence that proves the items listed below:

  • The telephone number that is shown on the back of your National Insurance Card
  • A calculation of the aggregate value of all of your belongings (e.g. your home)
  • A hard copy of your most recent bank statement, which should cover the four weeks prior to the session you have scheduled with the mediator and should be carried with you to the appointment.
  • Pay stubs and any other documentation that may verify income (if you are employed)
  • A letter confirming your claim to payments including such Income Support, Income Support, or Tax Credits, which must be dated within the previous six months and contain the current date; this letter must include the current date.

Getting In Touch

You are welcome to give us a call right now to have a conversation about the different payment plans that are available for your family mediation, or you can simply click here to send us a message through our encrypted email system if you would prefer to have your conversation with us remain private.

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