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How to Join Winter Camp with Kids


How to Join Winter Camp with Kids

A family camping trip to a winter camp can be fun. However, many parents worry about keeping their children warm and protecting them from the cold weather. Are you considering joining winter camp? Here are tips to help you have a comfortable and fun winter camping experience.

Plan Extensively

Preparing beforehand is one of the best ways to enjoy camping during the winter months. Prepare the right clothes and secure a fun and safe environment to ensure your kiddos enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. As you prepare to join an actual winter camp, consider having a trial by organizing a camping session in your backyard during the winter season. The trial camping session allows you to test your camping gear in advance. Some of the basic things you should pack when backing for a winter camp with kids include: 

  • A first aid kit comes in handy to help your children with their injuries.
  • Lighters or matches to help you start a fire and protect the whole family from freezing
  • Sufficient water for drinking and cooking, especially if the water at the campground is not clean. Remember, some camping sites only have safe drinking water during the summer months.
  • Sufficient food to keep the kids satisfied. Body heat is generated frequently during the cold season. The kids will need to eat frequently to replenish their energy.
  • Sleeping bag liners and sleeping bags. A good quality insulated or self-inflating sleeping pad ensures you and the kids don’t suffer from the cold ground.

Confirm the Weather

Before joining a winter camp, you want to know the weather pattern and possible changes to your destination. This information helps you pack the right gear to keep you warm. You can even cancel the trip if the cold temperature seems unbearable. Layering is one of the most effective ways to stay warm when camping in the best winter camp in Switzerland. It allows you and the kids to regulate your temperature with appropriate clothing like long underwear and top, mid, and base layers instead of dressing in one heavy-duty layer, making you sweat and feel uncomfortable. 

Stay Dry

Being cold and wet at the same time is not ideal, especially when you’re spending time outdoors in winter. Strive to keep the tent snow-free and dry. Drying your clothes and bedding during winter can be daunting. If kids wet their clothing, the best thing to do is have them change to dry clothes. In this case, packing enough extra clothing for the children is crucial. 


You must hydrate as much as possible, even during the winter season. If your children are active, they will sweat a lot, which can result in dehydration. Encourage the children to drink as much water or hot chocolate as possible. 

Prepare the Right Camping Gear

Whether camping or glamping, you need the right gear to enjoy your trip. Many camping sites offer yurt or cabin rentals, ideal for family adventures and cold-weather camping. While you can use your summer camping gear, some may be inappropriate for winter camping. In this case, you will need to shop for extra gear to accommodate your winter camping needs. A good tent is one of the most critical things before joining winter camp. A 4 season tent will be ideal if you are camping in freezing temperatures. There are various things to consider before buying a winter camping tent, such as:

  • Size. The tent should be large enough to accommodate campers. Choose one with separate sleeping areas to accommodate you and the kids. 
  • It should have a vestibule to accommodate wet gear and limit the amount of snow in the sleeping quarters. The vestibule can act as a boot-storage area to protect them from the elements.
  • Ensure it is double-layered (an outer rainfly and an inner tent) for added protection from the elements. Inspect the inner layer to ensure it doesn’t have lots of mesh

Plan Exciting Activities to Keep Kids Busy

Children get bored fast, especially if they are camping for the first time. However, you can keep them occupied and engaged with various exciting activities like:

  • Building a DIY snowman from the snow
  • Playing with their toys indoors during extremely cold temperatures
  • Creating fun designs through painting
  • Scavenger hunting

Have Enough Hot Water Bottles

If you’re going winter camping with kids, you will need a hot water bottle for each child. One of the best safety tips when using hot water bottles is to ensure they are well covered. Choose mini water bottles instead of small ones because the latter hardly retains heat for long. Once you join the camp, place a hot water bottle in your child’s sleeping bags approximately 15 minutes before they retire to bed. You must monitor your kids to ensure they don’t get overly hot and start sweating. 

Pack Sufficient Winter Camping Food

Cooking during winter camps is less fun than it is during the summer months. Opt for foods you can eat with minimal struggle when backpacking for a winter camping trip. Freeze-dried energy-filled snacks can be a good option. Prepare an excellent Dutch oven or camp stove to ensure you can enjoy hot meals and drinks as frequently as possible.

Have Bright Nights for Use During the Night

Winter nights can be super dark, and you don’t want your kids to be scared. Prepare bright lights and headlamps for the kids to make them comfortable during the night. This will help them navigate the campsite at night with less struggle. Bright lights are especially crucial during winter because days are shorter, meaning campers will stay up longer in the dark before bedtime. 

Prepare to have a Campfire


When going to winter camp, you will need a campfire. Prepare appropriate clothes for you and the kids that will neither catch fire easily nor get burned due to sparks from the fire. A campfire is crucial because it helps kids bond, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories. Children can sing fun campfire songs, burn flavoured marshmallows, and eat some S’mores as they sit by the campfire.


Always let the people close to you know where you are going winter camping and when you will return. This helps them know how to trace or rescue you in an emergency. Many people and their kids may want to stay indoors and warm during winter. However, the outdoors can be beautiful, allowing the whole family to enjoy fun activities. Don’t allow the cold weather to stop you from camping. Plan, prepare a few supplies, and join one of the best winter camps for a lifetime experience with your kids.

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