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Why Chinese People Don't Suffer from Hair Loss


Why Chinese People Don't Suffer from Hair Loss

One of the key body elements that accurately portray a person's appearance and identity is their hair. The variety of human hair is the product of several genetic and demographic traits, as well as hair care and cultural customs.

According to ethnic origins, human hair can be divided into three main categories: Asian, African, and Caucasian. The thickness, shape, color, and mechanical characteristics of hair vary depending on the racial community. 

Due to the Chinese belief that our bodies were given to us by our parents and that cutting our hair is similar to severing a part of them, both men and women in ancient China had customs which involved abstaining from cutting the hair. Untied hair was viewed as barbarous, therefore the men tied their hair up in a bun or topknot. To the Chinese, their hair is unique. In this article, Lordhair will discuss why Chinese people do not suffer from hair loss as much as Westerners do. In this article, we are generalizing based on percentage of the population, as of course you will find Chinese people that experience hair loss. Ensure you read this interesting piece to the bottom line. 

Reasons Why the Chinese do not Suffer from Hair Loss

1. Distinctive Properties 

Asian people tend to have hair that is straight, round, and pigmented in either black or brown, giving it a distinctive appearance. Asian hair has a variety of distinctive structures and qualities that makes it endure stress and strain.

2. Hair Shaft Structure

The cuticle, cortex, and occasionally medulla are the three layers of the hair. The outermost layer, the cuticle, serves as a defense against corrosive chemicals and physical harm. The cuticle of an Asian person can hold onto its original shape and not tear off in huge chunks when under stress or when being stretched.

3. Cross Sectional Area 

The three layers of the hair, cortex, cuticle, and medulla form the cross-section of the hair. The largest cross-sectional area of the three varieties of human hair is seen in Asian hair. It has the most circularly shaped cross-section. Asian ethnicities' hair thickness has been connected to genetic variances, according to genetic studies.

Lordhair Guarantees Full Hair!

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Bottom Line 

Different racial communities have different hair types and densities. No matter the type and state of your hair, you can use Lordhair’s hair replacement systems to achieve full hair!

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