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How Does Online Gas Booking Work?


How Does Online Gas Booking Work

Now everything you want can be at your doorstep, including your LPG gas. Online Gas Booking has made our lives convenient by eliminating the necessity of going to the agencies and standing in a long queue to get the booking done. Once you make the booking, it takes only a few days to get the gas delivered to your home. Nowadays, almost all gas suppliers like Indane, 

Bharat, and HP provide this online gas booking facility. This adds to the system's transparency apart from making it convenient for consumers. Another factor that makes this online gas booking extremely popular is the coming of the payment gateway apps like MobiKwik and others. For example, now you can make your Indane gas online booking and make the payment at once with the help of a payment gateway app like MobiKwik. Let us discuss this further. 

Here is how the process of online gas booking works. 


Some documents are required in the process of booking your gas online. These are similar documents that are required in the traditional gas booking system.  

You must provide your identity proof to your agency. Documents that work as identity proof include voter id card/Aadhar card/passport/pan card/driving license. Alongside this, you must provide your address proof, and you can use your Aadhar card/voter id/passport/driving license/ration card/rent/lease agreement/ telephone bill/water bill, etc. for it. Various other documents also work as address proof; you must ask your agency about them. Additionally, you must provide a copy of your passport-size photo. 

Most importantly, you can apply for a subsidy provided by the government of India. You can directly receive it in your bank account. Some additional documents may be required in the process if your agency requires them.

The Procedure For Booking  

You can book your gas online through the following options:

  • You can book it directly through the website of the gas supplier. Both new users and existing customers can make the booking with this option. First, you will require to register to the site and receive the user id and password details. After that, you can log in with these details to book a new connection or refill per your requirement. For example, if you are booking your indane gas cylinder at an Indian oil website, you must follow this procedure by visiting the IOCL website. 
  • You can book it by opting for the IVRS, an interactive voice response system facility offered by your gas supplier. All the leading suppliers offer this facility, and you can book it by simply following the IVR announcements on your phone. It is available in multiple languages to benefit the customers. You can choose your preferred language to book your LPG cylinder.
  • You can book your cylinder through the SMS option as well. Almost all the leading gas suppliers provide this facility. These numbers can be found on the official websites of gas suppliers. You will require to send the SMS only from your registered mobile number with the supplier. Moreover, the SMS must be sent in the prescribed format to make the booking successful. You will receive a confirmation message upon the completion of the booking.
  • You can make the LPG booking through the mobile app of the gas supplier also. Now all the gas suppliers offer mobile application facilities for a faster and easy booking of your LPG cylinder. For example, if you need to make your HP gas online booking, you can do it with the HP GAS app. This is a better concept as an LPG mobile app not only helps you book a fresh connection or a refill but also offers the facility to track your request, book a second connection, locate a new distributor, and various other benefits. You can quickly download your supplier's mobile app and start using it from the Google app store. 

To Conclude 

To be able to book your LPG gas online is a blessing in modern-day busy lives. The LPG gas booking and payment options are also becoming simple, as already stated, especially after the coming of the payment gateway apps. The best part about a payment gateway app is that you can effortlessly do both the booking and payment at the same time. 

These apps offer all sorts of utility payment features on their websites, including LPG booking and payments. You can complete the payment by choosing your LPG gas supplier and preferred payment options, and your booking will be automatically made. Whether you want to make an Indane gas online booking or HP gas online booking, you can do it with the comfort of a payment gateway app like MobiKwik. 

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