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How Do We Choose Between Squat Racks And Power Racks


How Do We Choose Between Squat Racks And Power Racks

In simple terms, the power rack is an upgraded version of the squat rack, compared to the ordinary squat rack, it has more features, better safety and at the same time covers a larger area and is more expensive, from the appearance we can see that the squat rack has only two columns while the power rack will have four columns.

The difference between the two racks are mainly in the following four aspects.

1. Cost

The price of a power rack is generally 3-4 times higher than a deep squat rack. The average price of a normal deep squat rack is around $300, while the price of a power rack will generally be higher than $1000, and a good power rack will even cost $1500 or $1600.

In fact, if you look at the picture above, you can see why the price of the power rack is so much higher than the squat rack, even though both use the exact same materials, but because the power rack has more details and columns, allowing it to achieve more fitness programs.

2. Space Occupied

Squat racks are specifically designed to be smaller and more portable than power racks - typically, each rack is about 2-3 feet long and 2-3 feet wide, and some come with built-in wheels. This means they are not only more compact for space-constrained lifters, but are also easy to carry and can be stored away when not in use.

Power racks, on the other hand, typically take up 1-2m² of space and are difficult to move around due to their excessive weight.

3. Number of Functions

The large, heavy steel frame of the power rack provides a good basis for installing power rack attachments to add dozens of exercises, and the squat rack can really only be used for deep squats, whether it's a mine, a tilt bar or a set of lever arms, these attachments simply can't be used safely with the squat rack - they don't keep the rack stable on the ground.

4. Security Properties

Safety pins and posts on all sides of the power rack prevent injuries from the bar while the 4 uprights mean the power rack has greater stability.

Because squat racks generally use only two posts, rather than four like power racks, a great deal of engineering is used to ensure that the squat rack is stable at all times and not knocked over or crushed at will, despite the amount of weight placed on the rack, which usually takes the form of elongated platforms at the base of the posts. A more stable barbell rack, but also as a floor protection mechanism if the exerciser drops the barbell within the squat rack.

Like many things, power racks and squat racks have opposite advantages and disadvantages, but they both serve your fitness career and are a tool for you to use when working out.

If you don't want to do too many fitness programs, it's perfectly fine to buy a squat rack, and when you want to start a new fitness program someday, just buy a corresponding piece of equipment. If you are not ready for a comprehensive fitness program, the many features that a power rack has may cause you stress.

The power rack can provide you with numerous fitness programs, and when you exercise with it, you will be exposed to the need for new fitness knowledge, because each new fitness program you start, you will need to understand what the program is like and what kind of movements are considered standard, which will probably help you a lot in your fitness career.

Whether it's a fitness rack or a power rack, as long as you're not putting them in a room as a work of art, then there's no particularly clear distinction between good and bad.

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