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Are you Planning to Buy an Electric Geyser? These are the things to think about before purchasing it?


Are you Planning to Buy an Electric Geyser These are the things to think about before purchasing it

Winter is on its way, and most of the country will require an immediate supply of hot water. Electric water heaters are simpler, safer, and more convenient to use than other water heating devices, such as an immersion rod. These water heaters are less expensive than gas-powered water heaters in terms of price, operation, and even installation. Electric water heaters also last longer and use less energy than other options. These water heaters are also known as geysers, and here are some things to think about before purchasing one for your home.

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How Does a Geyser Operate?

Electric Geysers are likely made up of three parts: a heating element, a thermostat, and a storage tank. The most important component of any electric water heater is the heating element. Before purchasing an Electric geyser, one should always consider the heating element because very hard or soft water damages both the heating elements and the inner tank. Heating elements with a glass lining are very effective at preventing scaling, extending the appliance's lifespan.

Because the storage tank holds the hot water, it must be strong and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel storage tanks and Vitreous Enamel glass coated storage tanks are the two types of storage tanks available. The stainless steel ones are becoming obsolete due to corrosion caused by hard water scaling. The latter are cutting-edge models in geyser technology. These are essentially the same stainless steel tanks that have been coated with advanced polymers to prevent corrosion and hard water scaling. Glassline coating is also closely related to Vitreous Enamel coating.

The thermostat in any Electric geyser serves as the appliance's operating system, allowing it to determine when to start and stop heating the water. A bimetallic strip is typically used to convert temperature change into mechanical displacement. Steel and copper are the most common metals used to make bimetallic strips. On this strip is a thermostat that makes a decision based on the response of the bimetallic strip. A good thermostat prevents the water from becoming overheated. It also contributes to a reduction in power consumption. If your water heater has a thermostat, this does not mean you can leave it on.

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Only Put your Faith in Popular Brands.

Choosing a trusted brand is a major decision before purchasing a geyser. Branded water heaters come with warranties. Unbranded ones may appear to be less expensive, but they will not meet the required standards and may be unsafe as well. Always choose geysers that disclose the material used in the storage tank as well as the energy efficiency rating. If you don't want to spend a fortune on geyser maintenance, make sure the geyser you buy has an ISI mark.

Reducing the Electricity Consumption of Geysers

Before purchasing an electric geyser, always check the BEE star ratings and go for the best rated ones as there are numerous ways for the geyser to waste energy unnecessarily.

  • Standing loss — The geyser occasionally loses heat through its surface. This is also referred to as standing loss.
  • The amount of hot water used — This is a strong factor for the geyser's electricity consumption. 
  • Temperature of the geyser thermostat — This is a standard setting found in most geysers, with the mark commonly set at 60 degrees Celsius. However, some geysers have external controls for customising this setting.
  • Temperature of bathing water — The electricity consumed by your geyser is also affected by the temperature of the bathing water, which is usually very different from the temperature of the thermostat.
  • Input water temperature — This is entirely dependent on the temperature of the surrounding environment. Areas with colder weather require more electricity than areas with warmer weather.

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