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Where Can You Submit a Guest Post on Health?- let's Find Out!


Where Can You Submit a Guest Post on Health?- let's Find Out!

Do you want to submit a guest post on Health? There are many online platforms where you can send guest posts but ensure that the website you choose is legit and authentic. If you want to grow the traffic on your website, guest posts are the best tactic to generate referral traffic. As you write and send a guest post to another website, the audience looking for a similar niche can visit your website. Some might get converted into potential customers.  

Here is a list of online platforms that can be trusted if you want to Submit Guest Post Health

1. Thenoicy 

Thenoicy is an online platform that accepts guest posts on Health and other niches. People submit guest posts to generate traffic to their websites. They have guidelines for guest blogs. If you want to submit one, read their policy and then write a guest blog for them. 

2. A Class Blogs

At A Class Blogs Website you can send blogs for Health and Beauty category. The guidelines you can read at Health Accepting Guest Posts page. Email id to contact us:

3. Health Review Board

At Health Review Board Website you guys can send blogs and guest posts for Health, beauty, Weight Loss, CBD categories. Email id to send blogs directly at Guidelines page Write For Us Health And Fitness page. 

4. Newspiner 

There are various online platforms where you can submit a guest post on Health, but you should choose the one with a high google ranking. If we talk about newspiner, you can check its google ranking. Submitting your guest blog here can be an opportunity to boost the SEO of your website. 

5. Mindbodygreen 

If you are looking for a website with only Health and related topics as their niche, you can check out mindbodygreen. You can send your guest post here. 

6. American Council on Science and Health 

Whether you want to know anything related to Health or share some information in the form of a guest post, American Council on Science and Health is your website. It has all the information related to Health. Your part of the information can be a great addon to it. Do read their guidelines before you write a guest post. 

7. BeautyGlimpse 

If you are a woman, you know what beauty means to a woman. Do you want to get a higher ranking on Google or generate more traffic in the health industry? BeautyGlimpse is the right platform to choose from. You can submit a guest post on Health and beauty. 

8. Recently heard 

Do you want to submit a guest post on sports, Health, fitness, entertainment or news? If yes, you can do it on Recently Heard. It has some guidelines to follow as you write a guest post. You first need to send a request, and after the revert, you can start with your blog. 

9. Hive Health Media 

Hive Health Media is another authentic platform where you can submit a guest post. It is good to share true information on such online platforms. It helps the audience a lot. People searching for similar things get their information, and you can get traffic. It is a win-win game for both you and your audience. 


So these are some of the top listed websites where you can submit a guest post on Health and other topics depending on the industry your brand lies in. Make sure you add proper keywords and backlinks. It will help you to get traffic to your website. Do follow all the basic rules of guest posting and the guidelines set by the accepting website. 

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