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What is the role of coworking Space in your company's work culture?


What is the role of coworking Space in your company's work culture

The trend of coworking has been snowballing. Slowly initially and then gaining speed. Over the years, it has gained popularity not only among freelancers and entrepreneurs but even multinational corporations and small, medium enterprises. The essence of coworking is like ‘not one size fits all, but all can fit in one size’ which benefits businesses of all sizes and shapes, belonging to any sector and category. 

How well a company performs and is efficient in tackling demanding situations depends on the work culture. And in turn, the company’s work culture is determined by a lot of internal and external factors like the nature of work, open and free flow of communication upwards and down the corporate hierarchy, job control and autonomy, division of responsibilities and interdependence. 

Work culture also depends upon environmental factors like location of the office, ease of commuting to the location, interiors of the office space, ergonomic furniture, and involvement in active recreational activities. Such external factors are taken care of by coworking spaces. Right from recruitment activities to operating business strategies, plug and play office is conducive for the positive development of a firm’s corporate climate. Let’s see how:

Empowerment of the personnel: An important effect a coworking space has on the employees of an organisation is channelled towards more freedom, greater satisfaction, increased responsibility and lower stress levels. Everything changes for the positive, for example an employee experiences less hassle because commuting is less worrisome. 

Flexibility of working in a physical or virtual space gives more agility and freedom to co-workers. This, in combination with lower occupational stress makes them more productive, and they tend to enjoy coming to office. The ambience in a shared office space because the setting is more casual and breezier. In a nutshell, the key ingredient in the recipe of a healthy work culture involves coworking practices as it enhances the essence of professionalism with a comfortable atmosphere.

Transition made easier: When an institution is in the early stages after its inception, or is under rough conditions, or recovering after a debacle, the climate is full of tension and pressure. At this stage, even a little ease relieves one and all. If a company chooses coworking over other modes of working, it is automatically simple and convenient for them to upgrade, downgrade to transit to another level. If, however, the tension due to constraints and demands persist for longer periods of time, it takes a toll on the entire work force rendering them inefficient and feckless.

Collaboration and shared celebration: ‘The more, the merrier’ is an organisation’s motto when they latch themselves at fully furnished office spaces for rent. Because coworking itself catalyses interaction and promotes collaboration there is more scope of interpersonal communication and indulgence in entertaining activities. This knits the team closer, promotes healthy competition and achievement of greater milestones with the help of teamwork. If there is rivalry and unhealthy competition in work culture, this itself becomes a hindrance in the realisation of organisation’s vision and mission. 

Lesser financial strains: Running on the same lines discussed above; coworking in its essence, is an economical and cost friendly option as compared to traditional office space. It reduces overhead costs and brings down the expenditure of a company substantially. The money saved can be spent more towards maintaining a supportive and healthy work environment and in promoting a serene atmosphere. 

Summing up 

All in all, it can be said that shared office space is more or less a lab of constructive innovation and acts as an agent of acceleration towards the progress of the organisation. Not only does it play a pivotal role in shaping the work culture, but also paves a path for the future of the organisation. For more ideas and inputs from a plug and play office that best suit your needs, hop in to your nearest iKeva’s coworking space at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai for an elated experience in workspaces that offer community and member benefits too.

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