Monday, September 5, 2022

Bathroom Vanity: 7 Astounding Benefits


Bathroom Vanity 7 Astounding Benefits

By their very nature, bathrooms are compact areas that don't lend themselves well to storing much stuff. It's common to find that the only area to store toiletries like shampoo and toothpaste is in the drawers and cupboards under the sink. Homeowners often install wall-to-wall cabinets over the mirrors when they need extra storage.

Below listed are the numerous advantages of tower storage, whether your bathroom is too tiny and congested or you're simply seeking a fresh appearance for your home's tiniest area. This post will explore the top advantages of utilising a bathroom vanity with tower storage.

Saving on Floor Area

The majority of the space in a bathroom is taken up by the floor, with just a few shelves along the walls. Bathroom vanities with tower cabinets let you make the most of that dead space above the mirror. To make the most of the space in your bathroom, see a builder about installing a tower cabinet that reaches almost to the ceiling. Towers are space-efficient in other respects, as well. Discuss your storage needs (drawers, cabinets, etc.) with your builder to determine the best solution.

Revitalize your bathroom's ambiance with a stunning bathroom vanity, combining elegance and utility for a space you'll love.


You may find both form and function with Tower shelving that is both elegant and convenient. Adapt a tower cabinet for use in the lavatory by working on a unique design with a builder. Make sure the tower you choose for an already-existing bathroom vanity complements it in terms of finish, wood type, style, and other aspects. Consider the room's existing mouldings, paint colour, carpeting, and other elements before deciding on a vanity type if you're installing a brand-new vanity with an attached tower.


The storage tower you purchase may be created to order, modified to your specifications, or purchased ready-made, giving you a wide range of options based on your needs and the size of your bathroom. It is possible to increase the usable square footage of your bathroom without breaking the bank by installing a prefabricated tower. Custom tower storage is a good option if you have a significant enough budget and specific storage needs. If you need assistance designing a vanity for your bathroom, your builder should be able to assist you.

Increase Your Storage Capacity in the Bathroom 

Towers are a simple solution for increasing your bathroom's storage capacity by as much as thrice. There's space for even more toiletries thanks to the new design. Even in a big house with plenty of closet space, it is helpful to have a tower cabinet where you can readily access what you need, and this is particularly true if you live in a small house with limited storage space.

Reducing Clutter 

Cluttered bathrooms may give off a dirty, cramped, and unwelcoming vibe. A bathroom vanity may help you maintain a clean bathroom by providing a convenient location to keep all the necessary items.

Helps Keep Your Home Clean

Reducing the amount of stuff on the vanity top makes cleaning the rest of the bathroom simpler. Cleaning the bathroom daily will become less of a hassle since you won't have to clear the counter of debris first.

Changes to make to your bathroom.

The most impressive tower cabinets are works of art that add visual appeal and improve your bathroom's overall design. Consider many alternatives before deciding on a bathroom tower cabinet. If you take the time to investigate your alternatives, you can locate the ideal tower for your location. If you need assistance locating a suitable model, your contractor should be able to recommend a few reliable vendors.

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