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Website Builder Vs Website Designer - Hire or Do It Yourself


Website Builder Vs Website Designer - Hire or Do It Yourself

In the current era, we are living in, having an online presence is essential today. A robust website is one of the first steps for every company to build a solid online community. A ubiquitous question arises - Website Builder Vs. Website Designer; which one to go for?

Well, there are plenty of factors to consider, and here we will try and address every aspect, which will give you crystal clarity on whether you should go for a website builder or hire a website designer. 

What is a Website Builder?

Before even learning about website builder v/s website designer, you have a question at the back of your mind about what a website builder is. In simple terms, a website builder is ideally a tool that substitutes the design and coding knowledge instead of knowing the design elements and Photoshop knowledge. Instead of needing to know everything about HTML and other coding languages, you have to rely on the website builders' pre-set code and functions. The analogy that you can news here is that of a DSLR camera. It took a lot of time.

Before using a website builder, you should understand website designer vs. website builder. Gone are the days when it took many skills to manually take a nice-looking photo using the SLR camera. It would help if you pointed a click, and you could get a nice-looking picture. That is precisely what a website builder does. It allows anyone to quickly set up a website that does not look horrible or very good.

What is a Website Designer?

A website designer can do much more to your website than a website builder. A template-based website is not only generic but also does not feature any specific. In contrast, the website designer focuses more on turning your dreams, visions, and imagination into reality. The website designers can easily understand your business by considering the demand of your target consumers and also target a design that mirrors what you offer to help with conversions and generate leads.

One of the best parts about designing is that your website will be unique and authentic to its value. A great website gets placed at the top of search results on Google and can also have a tremendous amount of traffic. You should connect with experts offering website design services if you want to have a unique website for your business.

Pros of Website Builder:

1. Affordable

The best part about hiring a web builder is that it is cost-effective. You can have a website up on the web if you have a small investment amount.

2. Super-Fast

When you use a website builder, you can have your site up and running within 24 hours. But when you hire a web design company, it will take anywhere around 4 to 6 weeks from scratch to launch. 

3. Decent design

Website builders offer decent-looking websites and templates. The secret is to make them work by copying the template design.  

Pros of Hiring a Website Designer: 

1. Professional Design

The best part about hiring experts offering web design services is that these experts are well trained and understand the best practices featuring color forms, balance, and harmony. They also understand the user interface information architecture and how the design will impact the visitor flow. When hiring a professional website designer, all these skills are brought to the table.  

2. SEO Optimized

A great website designer generally knows search engine optimization, and they can easily do it with the help of keyword research. They also identify the best keywords to rank for and ensure that your website is tagged and structured to optimize the search engine.  

3. Optimized for optimum conversion

The majority of the templates are not optimized for visitor conversions. They really can't be because they are trying to appeal to a vast target audience and cannot be designed to create a clear conversion path customizing to your specific user path. While hiring a web designer, at least when hiring a great one, they will help structure the design in a way designed to optimize conversions which means you can get better leads and more sales. It would help if you considered all these benefits while understanding website builders versus website designers. 

4. Save your time

While hiring a web designer, you can eventually repurchase your life or at least the awards of it by paying a professional to deliver the results instead of spending countless hours banging your head against any bowler teaching yourself a new skill with nothing to do with your profession.

What Does a Website Designer Do & How is it Viable to Hire One? 

You would be wondering should you hire a website builder or a website designer. The short answer here is that it all depends on who you hire. But assuming you hire someone great, what a web designer or win the agency brings to the table matters the most. Firstly, a great web designer can take the vision to reality. They can take a concept stuck in your head and turn it into a fact you can quickly see.

If the expert is excellent, they can understand your business and your customers and customize your website's design and structure to facilitate conversions and generate maximum sales. A great web designer can also help you have a unique and exciting design that is sexy apart from your competitors. 

When comparing a website designer versus a website builder, you should choose a website designer. If you are looking for the best website designer, you need to look no further, as you can rely on experts from JanBask Digital Design. The company holds vast expertise in website design branding, online marketing websites in mobile application development, etc. We have served several customers to date, and we will leave no stone untouched to make our clients satisfied and content with our services. 

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