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Optimizing your App Testing efforts to accelerate your release Cycles


Optimizing your App Testing efforts to accelerate your release Cycles


The demand for high-quality software has always been a constant need in the world. With the growth of technologies and new innovations many organizations find it difficult to provide high quality softwares time to time. This is because the methods and methodologies that most firms use to provide are sometimes ineffective, unreliable or obsolete even, which is why this situation is quite dire for better methodologies and implementation. 

To bring about overall stability and improved outcomes, software testers and developers continuously strive to improve these processes from beginning to end and monitor software performance across different environments. Developers can attain quality and speed by optimizing each stage of the software release cycle, monitoring the relevant metrics, and adhering to best practices for software testing. Let's explore how.

Some websites run on various browsers and their versions, from different locations and devices. The testers must conduct a thorough cross-browser compatibility test to assure a better user experience in light of these dynamics. It becomes daunting to perform extensive testing to ensure perfect software within constrained release schedules due to the constant growth of devices and browser versions. So, to shorten the time between releases, it is a must to adhere to specific software testing approaches.

Implementing Continuous Testing:

The most prevalent challenge in software testing is testing at just one point in the cycle, i.e., after development is complete. The application of Continuous testing helps a lot in expediting app release cycles in agile development. The QA Team can achieve quicker release cycles for the application by incorporating the appropriate continuous test automation methodologies throughout the entire CI/CD pipeline. Every time a piece of code is changed, speedy, periodic, and efficient test automation makes it easier to identify problems and fix them quickly.

Implementing Parallel Testing: 

Parallel testing makes software tests run efficiently and faster. Parallel testing is run with the release of every new feature on all Browser-OS-Device combinations to ensure the app is compatible with these combinations. To ensure that the app is compatible with all major old and new browser versions and operating system updates, cross browser testing is implemented. Cross browser testing tool like  Selenium Webdriver helps in executing parallel testing across all the browser,device and os combinations.

Testing keeping the end user in mind: 

Applications are created to simplify and improve the end user's life. Any web or mobile application designed keeping the user in mind will be successful. For instance, when making a flight reservation, the station codes should be filled up automatically once the user chooses the station name because they are difficult to remember. You can ensure this functionality is tested during web application testing.n

Creating a Software release Calendar: 

In order to ensure that the team is on the same page and that timely actions are taken for a quicker software release, it is essential to determine a consistent timeline for the software release. When creating your release schedule, you should always consider your objectives for the release, the project's deadlines, and the expected level of quality into account. Along with the timetables and dates, this schedule needs to be documented and disseminated to the relevant stakeholders.

Cloud-based Real-Device Testing: 

To make sure your software is robust enough to handle circumstances in the real world, it is essential to test it in a real environment. When a user operates the app in the real world, unexpected and actual problems come up. You have the ability to test your app across a variety of real devices, operating systems, and browsers and their versions by using cloud-based software testing platforms like pCloudy. You get access to 2000+ browser-OS-device combinations using it. 

You can do manual or automated testing on demand from various locations. Maximum test coverage is possible when testing in the cloud, and your application is tested for a variety of scenarios, including network instability, battery problems, changing location services, etc. You can give your users a seamless app experience by quickly detecting and fixing problems on cloud testing platforms.


Optimizing your app testing efforts from the Development stage to Quality testing to the deployment stage and monitoring progress certainly shortens the time between development and release of your apps to get fully functional and quality software with an impeccable user experience.

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