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Tether Casinos – And The Art Of Gambling


Tether Casinos – And The Art Of Gambling

Gambling in the twenty first century has become some what of an art form. I mean I think we can safely say that each and every one of us has gambled at least at some point in our life. Whether it be with actual physical cash, at a casino or soccer betting hall, or online, gambling has become a staple of modern day society. However, this instinct to gamble is most definitely not just a modern day thing. The idea of taking risks in order to better oneself has been around since, realistically the dawn of time. Take cavemen for example. If they didn’t take the risk to hunt bigger food sources than themselves, such as mammoths, then they themselves would have gone extinct. Now, I understand we have come a long way since the caveman era, and we most definitely don’t need to weigh up the risk of hunting food, but gambling is still an integral part of human nature. 

But enough about cavemen hunting bigger sources for food and how we as people gamble everyday whenever we do something that qualifies as taking a risk. I’m sure you are all here to try and learn exactly what tether currency is and what exactly is a tether and how does a tether casino work.

What is Tether?

Tether is a crypto currency that is hosted on several different blockchains (digital sources that distribute stuff, predominantly currencies across a network). The most common two that feature tether as a cryptocurrency are the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. Tether is a cryptocurrency used in the form of token. Quite often the token is valued at one dollar (united states).

Now how does tether as a currency work in the world of gambling. Well with the sheer fast advancement of modern technology, gambling is not strictly stuck to being a physical environment but has been able to advance along with the technology. And nowadays there are an awful lot of online casinos out there.

What to look out for when choosing a tether casino?

Firstly, does it have twenty-four seven online support. Imagine, you’ve just won money at the casino, and you go to withdraw it but there is an issue. And without someone’s support twenty-four seven, you now have to wait till a more appropriate time for them before you can get help. Hell no, you deserve to withdraw that money whenever you please. 

Secondly it has to have good security, I wouldn’t want anyone being able to access any of my financial details whenever they wanted. I would want to make sure that whatever cards or financial things I was using to sign up for the online casino (and using to deposit or withdraw to or from my online earnings) was safely secured and not visible to anyone who wanted it.

Finally, I would want the casino I signed up for to have multiple ways to deposit money and multiple ways to withdraw money. What I mean by this is that the casino would ideally deal in loads of different forms of currency (whether it be straight payments or in tokens and cryptocurrencies). This would make it easier for the user to be able to stay on the site as they wouldn’t be waiting around for certain things before being able to deposit on the online casino. Now of course this is not as important as the first two (security and twenty four seven support) but I would still say it’s up there as important.

The Pros of Tether Gambling in casinos

Now along the lines of multiple forms of depositing and withdrawing money, and with the mention of tether cryptocurrency earlier, ideally one of the casino’s forms of depositing and withdrawing currency would be in tether tokens. Tether tokens and tether cryptocurrency as a whole have many advantages over traditional forms of payment. Namely, the ultimate advantage is that tether casinos or casino’s that deal in tether tokens have an unbelievably fast payment method. Nothing would be worse than having to sit around waiting for your transfer to go through, but with tether casino’s quite often the transfer (whether you are depositing money or withdrawing money) will only take a few minutes, if that to be completed. Using crypto casino comparison sites like Coincasinos allows us to see that many sites offer payouts within minutes. This most definitely is faster than the traditional casinos that mostly take up to a week before any transfer has been completed.

Tether casino’s also pride themselves in their privacy. With the internet being a easy place to learn anything or discover anything, I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone discovering any of your financial records. With tether casino’s being widely in the public domain or using public networks, all transactions can be seen by absolutely anybody. Now I know what you are thinking, why would I want anybody seeing my transactions. To put it politely you wouldn’t and obviously for security and privacy reasons it’s not ideal but with tether casino’s your transactions are all done completely anonymously. 

However, do be warned that some casino’s will obviously still ask for your identification when you make an account and if necessary, they have the permission to hand over your transaction details to the authorities, but this would only happen if you do something extremely illegal or there is some form of account misuse.

Another great advantage about Tether is the complete legality of the cryptocurrency. Tether is what is known as a stablecoin (meaning that the price of the tether cryptocurrency is relatively stable and is set at a flat price rate), however where it benefits from legality is the fact that the cryptocurrency itself is regulated and therefore needs to stick to certain policies in whatever region the online casino bases itself in. This basically just means that the use of tether cryptocurrency in casino’s is seen as more legal and therefore just further benefits the user’s safety, making sure that they are in fact safe while they use the currency and the online casino itself.

  • Other Pros for tether gambling include: 
  • No fluctuation in value (it is a flat rate based cryptocurrency)
  • Low start-up fees

The Cons of Tether Gambling in casinos

However, despite its many great advantages, tether as a cryptocurrency does still have its disadvantages. Most notably, as it is a relatively new cryptocurrency, it hasn’t gained much traction in the world of online casino’s and is therefore not available or not accepted at all online casinos. This just means that the users have to use other forms of payment as a way of depositing or withdrawing their earnings. 

Another slight downside to tether is based on the fact that it is a form of stable coin. Even though it helps with the legality of the cryptocurrency, the fact that it is a form of stable coin does in fact mean that even though the cryptocurrency is stable and held at a flat rate it will not in fact increase in value. This basically means that anyone dealing in tether, or gambling with it will have a security in knowing that their earning’s will not lose value, but it does also mean that they have no way of improving the value of their earnings without gambling.

The advantages and disadvantages of the tether are clearly an important factor when choosing whether or not it is the way forward if you want to try earning money online. I mean it’s very simple to just stick to the easiest route for gambling which obviously would still be using basic payments instead of any form of crypto currency. But would you believe me if I said that it was in fact just as easy to transfer your money into tether’s cryptocurrency form and then use it for online gambling. Of course, you wouldn’t but trust me when I say it’s true.

How do I deposit or withdraw money at online casinos (using tether)

Step 1: Log into or sign up to whatever casino you are using that uses Tether as a form of payment

Step 2: Head to the Cashier section (if unable to find it may be labelled as the banking section), and choose Tether as your form of currency and payment under Deposits. If you aren’t able to find the word Tether under Deposits, it may in fact be listed as Cryptocurrencies.

Step 3: Now for the joyous bit, but also the most annoying part of the transaction. The casino that you have chosen should issue you a unique PWN (public wallet number). Odds are its going to look just like a random list of jumbled up and muddled letters (both capitalised and non capitilsed) and numbers. Kind of like those passwords that google says is super secure that you have absolutely no way of remembering. So you may want to take note of this public wallet number somewhere safe. 

Step 4: Copy whatever weird assortment of letters and numbers you have been assigned as your public wallet number and head on over to your wallet for cryptocurrency.

Step 5: To be able to set up the transfer, you would in fact have to paste the public wallet number into the box or field that the site is telling you to along with the amount of Tether tokens that you are wanting to transfer.

Step 6: This is the important one, remember to confirm the transfer. Now I understand that since its an important transfer, you may want for it to appear instantaneously in your connected cryptocurrency wallet but remember that sometimes it may take time to appear. If it is not instantaneous, the transfer will often appear in the wallet up to thirty minutes after you have confirmed the transfer. 

DO BE WARNED…some casinos may charge you a fee to transfer money, but as for the currency exchange all casinos should be roughly the same dependant entirely upon the state of the stock market at the time.

And that’s it. Transferring your funds into tether’s cryptocurrency form is as easy as one two three.

How do you withdraw tether?

This is very similar to the idea of depositing using tether. 

Step one: Go to the cashier section (as stated in the deposit section it may be labelled as banking instead of cashier).

Step Two: Go to Withdrawals and choose tether.

Step Three: Put the public wallet number in the chosen box or field and select the amount that you wish to withdraw.

Step Four: The important bit! Remember to confirm the transaction.

Step Five: Enjoy your funds. In some cases this may take up to twenty four hours but don’t worry they will appear there.

But where do I get Tether Cryptocurrency?

You can purchase tether cryptocurrency from any cryptocurrency trading platform. It is a very easy process and is similar to online shopping. All you have to do is sign up for an account , verify your identity (if the account asks for it) then purchase tether using your preferred payment method.


So yeah, gambling has advanced to fit in with the modern world. The arrival of cryptocurrency has made online gambling much more accessible to many more people. With this new ability and way to deposit money and withdraw money it allows for people to use casino’s online more often. And with the invention and introduction of the Tether form of crypto currency, it has made the legal worries and the safety issues with the idea of using cryptocurrencies certainly decrease in the modern era.

And with this invention of tether, it allows for online gambling and online casino’s to continue to profit off of people taking risks and tuning into their base human instinct of wanting to gamble. So maybe we have evolved from cavemen hunting bigger things for food and for our survival but our base instinct of wanting to take risks and further attempt to improve our own lives.

Just remember. If you are going to use tether cryptocurrency as a form of payment for online gambling, or any form of payment for online gambling. Please remember to gamble responsibly.

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