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Advantages of Chewables for Dogs


Advantages of Chewables for Dogs

Several oral flea treatments are easily available for your dog, among the various flea and tick control solutions on the market. NexGard chewables for dogs are particularly effective for flea and tick control. Because NexGard is favoured by many dogs, it is available in a delectable chew flavoured with beef. The chewable for dogs kills adult fleas before they can lay eggs and ticks. 

If you are one of the pet parents who is least familiar with this formulation, you must know how beneficial this treatment is to protect your beloved companion from hazardous flea and tick infestations. 

Tips for Using Flea and Tick Products

Several flea and tick treatments may be administered to your pet, and each chemical has a unique mode of action. Therefore, it is always essential to: 

Choose the Right Item 

  • Check with your veterinarian to identify the optimal product for your pet and your needs. 
  • Make sure that the product is suitable for the species, age, and weight of your pet. If the product is designed for dogs, it should not be administered to cats. If using the product on a puppy, ensure that it is labelled for that life stage and that your pet meets the label's minimum weight requirement. 
  • It is banned to apply a product to puppies unless the product's label authorises it. 
  • Before using a product on weak, elderly, medicated, ill, pregnant, or nursing dogs, consult your veterinarian, even if they have tolerated the product in the past. The same holds for animals that have previously displayed evidence of intolerance to flea or tick treatments. Inform your veterinarian of any additional products you may be using or administering to your pet since this may affect their recommendations. 

Utilise the Product Correctly

  • Before using, carefully read the label. Even if you've used the product many times before, it's important to read the label since the instructions or cautions may have changed. If you do not understand the language, consult your veterinarian or the manufacturer. 
  • Follow the instructions precisely before administering NexGard chewables for dogs. If the label specifies weekly usage, avoid using the product every day. If the product is intended for indoor or outdoor usage, avoid applying it directly to your pet. 
  • If you have numerous pets and are using a spray or "spot-on" treatment, treat only one animal at a time and keep it away from the others until the product dries. This is to prevent one animal from grooming another and consuming the medicine or pesticide. This is crucial if you have a cat in your home and the product is solely intended for dogs. 
  • After applying a product, wash your hands with soap and water or use protective gloves. 
  • Baby pacifiers, inhalers, and cigarettes should be stored apart from food and other items that might come into touch with a person's mouth, such as inhalers and cigarettes. 
  • Keep items away from children and animals. 


Flea bites can be more than a minor irritation for dogs and cats. They can induce flea allergy dermatitis, an allergic reaction to flea saliva proteins. A pet's frequent scratching might result in permanent hair loss and other skin conditions. In extreme infestations, fleas feeding on the blood of your pet can cause anaemia and, in rare circumstances, death. There are various products like NexGard chewables for dogs to prevent flea and tick infestations. However, they are not identical, nor are they uniformly applicable.

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