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Here's A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with BEAUTY

Here's A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with BEAUTY

In this period of fast life, we ignore tone- coddling sessions and become victims of numerous beauty problems. Starting from head to toe, these problems are innumerous.

You may be entirely comfortable in your own skin, but chances are there will be one or two effects about your appearance that you ’d like to change. 

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1. Limp Hair 

This is another common hair problem which is faced by nearly every girl. The main reason for this is dehumidification. Dehydrated hair beaches tend to get limp because they're devoid of proper humidity and natural canvases. 


1. The mixture of honey and milk gives a smooth paste. Apply this onto your hair. This will moisturise the beaches and keep the pH position balanced. 

2. Investing in a good serum is also obligatory. Before you go outdoors, always massage hair serum onto your beaches. This will keep them tangled free for a long time. 

2. Flights and Acne 

This is the most complained about skin problem of all girls. Teenagers see a spurt in the rate of acne and pustules when they hit puberty. These facial bumps are veritably normal as we grow up but these put a negative impact on our confidence. 


1. Follow the CTM routine religiously. 

2. Use proper Cleaner, color, moisturizer and sunscreen as per the skin needs. 

3.Wash the face with salicylic acid grounded face cleaners beforehand in the morning. This will unclog pores. 

3. Sot and Chapped Lips 

Blankness and short skin around the lips is veritably disgusting. During layoffs, this blankness increases and gives a horrible feeling. Wearing matte powders with dry lips is another agony. It initiates the tendency of licking the lips relatively constantly and limits good- looking and plumpy lips. 


1.Apply coconut canvas on lips to keep them soft. 

2.Always use a good lip attar with SPF protection in it to help sun damage. 

3. Drop your lips at least twice or thrice a week to get relief of any flakiness. 

4. Apply a subcaste of honey on your lips and Vaseline over it. Keep it for some time and also remove it. This will soften your lips. 

4. Crooked Teeth 

Still, you should consult your orthodontist to bandy your options, If you ’re upset that your teeth are crooked or overcrowded. 

Remedies :-

Your teeth can be corrected using braces, or in some cases veneers or crowns, so you could have a Hollywood smile in no time.However, you can conclude for unnoticeable bones, If you don't want to look like traditional train track braces. 

5. Cracked Heels 

Cracked heels can be uncomely, itchy and uncomfortable, so it’s important to watch for your bases. If you are more prone to dry skin on your soles if you spend a lot of time standing.


Clean your bases precisely before you slip and moisturize. You can also soak both bases in a milk bath once a week. For stylish results, don’t just moisturize – uncover your heels with embrocation and wear cotton socks to bed. You should notice changes after many weeks.

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