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First Step towards the Path of Sobriety- Detoxification

First Step towards the Path of Sobriety- Detoxification

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Recovering from addiction is a big challenge; patients go through a lot mentally and physically. But, with support and persistence from a treatment center, you can reach the finishing line. The first step of any alcohol or drug rehab center is about detoxing your body. A detox journey can assist you or your dear ones to live a substance-free life. Once you have completed the detoxification process, your body and mind can begin to mend. You will return to being healthy and stable without any need for the substance. 

To know more about the detox process, its withdrawal symptoms, etc. This blog might help you out.

What is an Alcohol or Drug Detox?

Detox treatment is a medical process of removing toxic substances from the body. In a professional treatment program, the rehab helps the patients with detoxification by setting interventions by offering medication and therapies that can manage the side effects of quitting the substance. 

Different Kinds of Detox Treatment:

1. Inpatient Detox:

In an inpatient detox center, patients live in a facility under the constant supervision of a medical professional. This detox treatment program is beneficial for those with severe withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the severity of the patient's addiction and the substances they were taking, the medical team will determine the best course of therapy.

2. Outpatient Detox:

An outpatient detox treatment center allows the patient to detox while living at home. Outpatient sessions are planned for a specific time, such as the morning, afternoon, or evening. This treatment is advisable for patients with minor addictions. People who have severe addiction problems should not go for an outpatient program or, they will fall into a relapsed state. 

3. Medical Detox:

Staying in a clinical setting where symptoms and the body's reaction to withdrawal are closely monitored and referred to as "medical." In inpatient and outpatient detox programs, medical detox is helpful for detox.  

What is the Length of the Detoxification Process?

Numerous factors determine the length of a detox process. Here are a few points you need to know:- 

  • Patient’s age, gender, and medical history
  • How long have you been using drugs and often? 
  • Using alcohol or drugs or both. If consuming drugs then which one? 
  • Having co-occurring disorders like AHDH, Depression, Anxiety, etc. 

The addictive substances remove from the body within a week or few months. The body may get rid of addictive substances. Yet, it may take months to be free from cravings. An inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification program may last seven days, but complete recovery from addiction can take many years.

What are the Withdrawal Symptoms of Detox?

Withdrawal symptoms may vary from person to person. Here are common ones that happen during the detox. 

  • Anxiety 
  • Hallucinations 
  • Cravings 
  • Mood Swings 
  • Flu Symptoms 
  • Panicking and Shuddering 
  • Tension or Bad Temper 
  • Insomnia and Fatigue 
  • Pains and Trembling and so on 

What Happens to the Body during Detox?

During the detoxification process, you not only remove the addictive substance but also adjust your body to the lack of these substances. The chemicals present in alcohol or drugs highly impact the brain. It decreases the natural potential of the brain's need to produce chemicals like dopamine. When you are longer dependent on that substance, your brain re-learns the process of creating these chemicals from the body. 

Is it Okay to Detox Yourselves?

Well, the answer is No. There are many reasons why unsupervised detox is not advisable. Here are a few of them:-

Cannot handle it on your Own: Patients attempting detox without medical supervision in the past generally find that they are unable to cope and relapse almost immediately. However, they remember the suffering they went through without receiving any reward other than the failure of sentiments, and are thus less likely to try to get recover again out of fear.


Dangerous: Detox has a severe risk attached to it. Some symptoms, such as hallucinations, can induce the patient to act in unanticipated and risky ways, putting patients in danger. Medical supervision keeps the patient safe by checking their vital signs and symptoms. It can also assist in getting rid of the anxiety and fear that people experience when they first start withdrawing.


Restlessness: Detoxification is a painful and unpleasant experience. Medical supervision and intervention, use of specific drugs, or properly constructed equipment, can reduce the severity of these negative repercussions caused due to detox.


Chances of Being Unsuccessful: Patients can successfully walk on the track of recovery with medical supervision rather than unsupervised. With medical surveillance, the addicts can detox by increasing their comfort, having a support system, better safety, etc.

Final Thoughts

Examining the relapse rates of people who go through medically supervised detox could be one approach to gauge its success. More or less, detox is an essential step in your journey from addiction to a life of meaning and passion. If you or your dear ones are looking for a way to accomplish abstinence, then contact an alcohol or drug detox center.

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