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The Difference Between Jeet Kune Do and Kung Fu

The Difference Between Jeet Kune Do and Kung Fu

When you meet any form of martial art, most people are inclined to call it Kung Fu. But that isn't the correct term you should use as there are several ideas. For example, Jeet Kune Do is one of the forms of martial arts close to Kung Fu but isn't much the same. There are striking differences between Jeet Kune Do and Kung Fu, and you'll need to be keen to note them. It's bound to be confusing from the inception of the Jeet Kune Do, which was formed later on after Kung Fu. Here are some of the differences between Jeet Kune Do and Kung Fu. 

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The first difference you have when dealing with these two types of martial arts is their history. Bruce Lee formed Jeet Kune Do in 1967, and this was around four years before he became a superstar. On the other hand, Kung Fu was developed way earlier than that. Kung Fu was formed in 1911 after the Emperor united the central plain of China's fighting skills. The skills were initially used to develop soldiers gradually into Guanzhong Boxing. 

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When it comes to philosophy, Jeet Kune Do is more than just a martial art; it also has several philosophies as part of it. You will find that the philosophy used here is what makes it different. The philosophy here makes the creator of this martial art (Bruce Lee) referred to as the father of MMA. When it comes to Kung FU, the idea was set on the concept of attack - more than it leads on. The initial idea of when the art was formed was all about the soldiers winning their various battles. The philosophy differs a lot with practice and application too. 


Kung FU is all about one style – philosophy of moves and practices. You need to condition both the mind and the body to pull off the various Kung Fu techniques. And the moves are still quite effective as they were in the past. Another thing about Kung Fu is that the moves weren't made for real-life combat situations – at least not every part of it. However, you can use it to defend yourself in a combat situation, as your child will learn should they attend the Head Academy Kung Fu for kids program. When you practice Jeet Kune Do, you also need to condition the mind and the body to perform the move effectively. The moves here are borrowed from various martial art moves. You will find some bit of Kung Fu when you practice Jeet Kune Do. 

Today, the moves are pretty effective because the style was made for real-life situations. As a result, you can quickly adapt to various combat situations and not try to dictate it to what you want. 

Note: Jeet Kune Do is pretty much an improvement to all other types of martial arts that you can find out there. 

Jeet Kune Do Is Essential

As you have seen above, there are some pretty distinct differences between Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. Nevertheless, Jeet Kune Do is an essential improvement from all other forms of martial arts available with the philosophy based on real-life combat situations. 

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