Thursday, November 11, 2021

Local Moving Tips

Local Moving Tips

Local movers are the single most important part of your relocation. You can't pack and move everything yourself. It's too time-consuming, and you'll end up with a huge headache as well as sore muscles. And forget about driving to your new home if you don't have a car! So, it's wise to find someone who will take care of all that for you. 

Movers are experienced in what they do, so they can handle fragile or expensive items without damaging them. Plus, they offer many different services at different prices, so there is something for everyone!

1. Hire movers

The best way to ensure that you will get good service is to hire a company whose business is local. Check with family and friends first if they can recommend someone. If not, ask around at school or work for suggestions of who the people in the area might use. 

You can also find information about moving companies on Yelp or Angie's list (just make sure you're checking out reviews for movers and not home repair companies). Ask your realtor as well; they often know reliable services in your area that charge fair rates and do quality work. If you are looking for one of the well renowned local moving company in the U.S, then you should hire Two Men and a Truck. They have been in business for many years and have earned themselves a premium spot among moving companies.

2. Give details on what you need help with

Moving companies offer different types of services, so it's important to be clear about what you want. Some movers only do the packing, while others will load and unload at your new location. Competent moving companies can do it all. You wouldn't want to pay someone to pack your things without knowing how to attach a custom crating label or dock carton.

Be specific about what you need done and leave no details out! If they don't ask for them, tell them the number of stairs in both your old and new home, if there are any tricky turns within either house (sharp corners) or basements (steps down). Also include information on where you would like things placed when you get into your new home. This way, nothing gets scratched or broken because the movers weren't sure where to put it.

3. Book your service

Getting a written estimate is always better than an estimate over the phone or in person. It's good to have something you can refer to if there are any issues later, so ask for it in writing. A reputable company will know what forms are needed and how to fill them out, but be sure that all appropriate information is included before you sign it. 

This includes moving dates, addresses of pickup and delivery, hourly rate (if the movers are packing items), storage charges (if any), tax rates (for both state and local), payment schedule/invoicing procedures, cancellation policy, etc. When you receive your contract, make sure everything matches up with what was upon over the phone or in-person and ask questions if you don't understand anything.

4. Book early!

Be sure to book your local moving service as far in advance as possible for weekends and major holidays when everyone is out moving! This will help ensure that you will have a smooth transition into your new home, free of stress and broken objects. 

No one wants to move during the busiest time of the year, and it's stressful enough when it's a slow season. You can also ask for references from other customers or even book a trial run with a company before committing to them long-term in case you change your mind later. Just make sure to keep looking around until you find someone reliable. And remember, there are always more companies to choose from so don't be afraid to shop around!

5. Be ready for the big day

Once you book your local moving service, make sure everything is ready for them when they arrive, even if that means moving a few things yourself. If any of your items are being packed by the movers, remember to label those carefully, too, so you don't have to unpack boxes later on. It's always better if the movers pack what they load, so there aren't any issues with breakage or misuse of your belongings upon arrival at their new location. 

Ask them as well about how they plan on packing fragile items, and never hesitate to ask them questions! Moving services are there to work with you and meet all your needs! So don't be shy.

6. Give them space

You want your movers to be able to work effectively, so you want to let them do their job without bothering them! This is especially true if they are packing delicate items. They need the time and space to focus on what they're doing so everything arrives in one piece at their new location. If possible, avoid talking to them as well because it could make them distracted from the task at hand. The best thing for you to do is relax and grab a coffee or something while they finish up! 

As long as you hire a reputable company, all of your belongings will arrive safe and sound without any scratches or dents. That's guaranteed! Local moving companies should also take care not to damage other things in your house while moving larger pieces out. So if you have things like paintings hung high, make sure to mention that when you're giving them the tour of the place. This way, they won't accidentally bump it!

7. Offer snacks and drinks

One thing you should never forget is to offer snacks and drinks to your movers. It's a small thing but goes a long way in building/maintaining rapport with them, so they'll want to come back next time they're in the area doing local moves again! Who knows? Maybe they might even suggest people you can talk to at their company if someone needs help moving into your neighborhood or something along those lines. Just be courteous and try not to bother them too much!


If you follow these tips for hiring local moving services, you'll have no problems with your belongings or anything else during the whole move. Don't hesitate to contact them again if you need help in the future, and be sure to leave positive reviews online after they're finished so other people can benefit from their expertise too!

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