Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Coolest Gadgets to Give Your Friends This Holiday Season

Coolest Gadgets to Give Your Friends This Holiday Season

Do you prefer giving thoughtful gifts to your friends? Or, are you one of those last moment buyers? Well, if you belong to the prior then you have no idea how much you’re winning at life. 

This year, forget those scented candles and hand lotions. Get a gift that’s more useful. It’s okay if you’re afraid that it might hurt your wallet. Think of it as an investment. An investment that strengthens your friendship — and hopefully gets you something cool in return too.

So, run to the mall before they end up being crammed with the last-moment gift-buyers. And get your buddies these cool gifts this holiday season:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Flip phones were all the swag back in the day. Luckily, they’ve made a comeback and we’re here for it. Albeit, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a bit on the pricier side. But, you can’t put a price on the joy it’ll bring to your flip-phone-fanatic friend. The new Galaxy Z Flip features water resistance and durability. And it runs on the same technology as all of Samsung’s other flagship phones. So, all in all, this one would be a treat nonetheless. 

Lenovo Chromebook Duet

This one from Lenovo gets you the best of both worlds. For only $249, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet offers a laptop and a tablet. 10 points to Lenovo for the detachable keyboard and a kickstand. For a friend who works and loves taking frequent breaks to catch up on shows on the go. This gift can mean the world! 

Amazon Echo

For a friend who has always been fascinated by Jarvis, this speaker would be everything! Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that does everything that a speaker is supposed to do, but, with several other added features. With the built-in Alexa, this speaker listens to voice commands, controls other smart devices, gives you news, weather updates, and even searches your queries related to ‘Spectrum telefono’ on Bing for you. Truly a treat for anyone who lives for hands-free gadgets. 

Apple HomePod Mini

For a friend who has already set up an Apple ecosystem at their home, this could be a meaningful addition. The Apple HomePod Mini has Siri. You can connect it with your iPhone, Macbook, or iWatch. Just like the rest of the Apple products, this little fella also boasts a beautiful and minimal design. The best part? It comes in an array of colors. You can get Bonus Buddy Points for getting a HomePod in your friend’s favorite color.

Philips Hue Smart Lightstrip Plus

Oh, this is a beautiful one. If your friend has a knack for mood lighting, then this gift would be a treat. This product features a 2-meter long strip that illuminates and changes colors. Simply, stick it on a clean surface in your room or workspace. The hues are controlled with the help of Bluetooth and the Philips Hue App that you can install on your smartphone. You can also sync the changing hues with movies and games for a more immersive experience.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has recently launched an upgraded version of The Switch with an OLED screen. The newer Nintendo Switch offers a built-in LAN port and better audio. Just like its predecessor, this version can also easily switch between hand-held and docked modes. For a friend who has always had a huge thing for gaming, the Nintendo Switch would be a great addition to their gaming collection.

Sony PlayStation 5

Everyone loves to have an upgraded version of whatever gadget they’re using. Be a dear Mary Poppins and get your gamer buddy a long-anticipated PS5 upgrade. Everyone’s talking about it. People at The Verge loved the new interface, reduced load time, and the new DualSense controller. Do you want your friend to love it too? Buy the console before it infamously runs out of stock once again.

Netflix Gift Card

OTT streaming is on the rise. Make the most of it and gift your friend a Netflix Gift Card. From new and classic TV shows to movies, documentaries, and stand-ups – Netflix has everything. So, go ahead and get a Netflix Gift Card for your pal. Maybe they want to check out the latest Dave Chappell special.

Spotify Annual Gift Card

For a friend who can’t go by without music, a Spotify Annual Gift Card would be a thoughtful gift. Spotify has become insanely popular for the music it offers. Spotify uses AI to figure out user preferences and makes recommendations based on that. If your friend experiences mood swings faster than he blinks, then Spotify even offers customized playlists driven by algorithms.

So, What Have You Decided?

Spread the joy this holiday season. Be the coolest friend ever and give your pal something from the choices we’ve mentioned above. Don’t let your wallet make you think otherwise. Who knows? Your friend might have also planned to give you something big this Christmas.

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