Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The 4 Core Tenets of Remarkable Internet Customer Service

The 4 Core Tenets of Remarkable Internet Customer Service

What makes customer service great? Is it the people? Is the product or service? There are many questions regarding this resolve and honestly, and there is no right answer. You need a team of highly motivated people with the right attitude. You must have a commitment to providing exceptional customer service. All these qualities can make a huge difference in determining the quality of your service. Nevertheless, there are basic rules for making a great internet service. What is it with all the big companies that they have excellent customer service and the quality is constant even after a constant period. The commitment to quality and efficiency is what can make a difference. 

Therefore, we created a list of the four golden principles on which your customer service should be based. These golden rules must be met at all possible times. 

Division of Labor 

As an internet service provider, your customers may face similar issues. Some customers might have an issue with their billing while others might have a problem with their equipment. Having a single line of communication for all these issues may create a lot of problems for your customer support. The issue resolve will take a longer time than usual. 

Therefore, different groups should be handling the different issues. You must have a technical group to provide all the necessary technical assistance to the customers. There should be a billing department to guide customers on all the queries regarding their monthly bills. 

Segregation of these groups helps in the efficiency of customer support. 

Multi-Channel Customer Support 

If you are an internet service provider and still do not have multiple avenues for the customers to reach you, you are not doing the job right. We live in an interconnected world and there are different people with different ways to connect. Not everyone is a phone person and everyone has a different level of comfort reaching someone out. 

Therefore, if your customer support only has a phone option, you will have trouble assisting the customer through this sole channel. Most of the queries will stay unresolved and your company will accumulate poor reviews. Therefore, you must have multi-channel customer support to accommodate all types of customers. People who prefer text can reach you on social media or email while others can reach you directly over the phone line. For example, you can call Mediacom support directly if you cannot find help on social media or email. 

Acknowledgment where due

This is a golden rule of customer support. The customer is always right. Acknowledge whatever they are trying to make you understand. If there is a problem on the ISP’s part, apologize for the mistake and try to offer an alternative that makes the customer satisfied with the resolution. 

However, this does not mean that you start accepting all the demands of the customer. Try creating a balance between that. 

Shorter waiting times 

If you have ever called customer support furious about a product or service, the long waiting ques do not help the resolve. It adds to the frustration and makes a customer even more annoyed. Therefore, make sure that you don’t have the customer on hold for a longer duration of time. This can be eliminated by having a large number of people in the customer support. If you cannot have a large number, just make sure that the ones already working have the calibper to fix issues instantly and take on the next customer. 


Honesty is the first step towards effective customer service. Many customer support departments make their case with lies and it does not help the overall equation. Customers get more annoyed and they get bad reviews overall. Therefore, make sure you do not do promises you cannot keep. Always be honest with the customer. They will appreciate it more. 


These golden rules may look simple. However, it takes a lot of effort in implementing these rules. The commitment must come from all levels starting from the top to the bottom. Once these golden rules are implemented, you will start seeing results and your customer reviews will be a lot better. 

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