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Amazing Things to Do in Chengdu?

Amazing Things to Do in Chengdu?

Have you ever stepped into the city of Chengdu located in China? If not then make a trip to this city which caters for a lot of things to do. You will find some of the best attractions and tourist spots to explore during your trip. Chengdu is known to play a vital role in the history of China for several years. 

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Read the following sites in the city that have hidden past and are must-visit places:

Baoguang Temple 

Baoguang Temple is tucked at Xinbdu’s shades which is popularly called “Divine Light Temple”. Explore this wonderful temple, and the tremendous divine relevance exhibited here boasts of a tempting and aesthetic description. This temple is covered over 400 massive pillars that were made together. These pillars shaped the sole tower, impressive marvels featuring three chief worship halls and sixteen patios.

Chengdu Tea Houses

Chengdu Tea Houses is one of the celebrated and famous top sights in the city to visit. This place has been an exciting point for explorers throughout ancient times. People visit this place to catch a glimpse of these diverse houses conventional over tree branches. This tea house is placed precisely on trees, so guys, this tea house awaits you. Watch out for the houses that are sturdy such as well-made natural homes. 

Mt Qingcheng 

Mt Qingcheng is a spellbinding and the most famous place to visit in Chengdu to spend the holiday at this place. Many visitors across the country see this place to capture picturesque beauty. Mt Qingcheng is worth exploring in the city and is one of the finest and highly praised spots bordered by several other peaks. You will find a chief mountain and other stunning regions that appear to be stunningly gorgeous. 

Visit this gorgeous location to have incredible picturesque views via United Airlines Flight. 


Chengdu Panda Base

The Chengdu Panda Base is the most exciting place to drop into to watch pandas playing with their brothers or sisters. Visit this place to learn something so unique at least once in your lifetime. You will surely love this place that offers a chance to witness the Pandas in their peculiar realm. So make sure you visit this place with your loved ones and make memorable jiffies. 

Bifengxia Giant Panda Base

The Bifengxia Giant Panda Base offers one of the peaceful places to visit and one of the most outstanding gatherings of giant pandas globally. Hop into this place to explore the chewing on bamboo, varieties of happy pandas staying happily and peaceful in their safe and incessant habitat at this panda base. You can also visit the exterior of Chengdu via a two-hour drive to reach the reserve of natural forest cover and spectacular waterfalls.

Dujiangyan Panda Center

Dujiangyan Panda Center is tucked at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain, located outside Chengdu city. This centre is analogous to the Bifengxia reserve, which is known as nature’s heaven. Visit this famous site and watch out for pandas doing engaging performances all day long while being in their natural and peaceable environment. You will be amazed to know that this centre has opened its volunteer program for visitors to become panda custodians for a day. 

Hop into this place to enjoy your day by preparing food or planting bamboo trees by buying United Airlines Tickets.

Leshan Giant Buddha 

Leshan Giant Buddha is Chengdu top attraction and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This site is famous for exhibiting the colossal stone statue of Maitreya. Visit this Leshan Giant Buddha, which is acknowledged as the largest sculpture of Buddha across the globe and is about 71 meters in height, attracting tourists and pilgrims from everywhere. 

The Chengdu Wuhou Shrine

The Chengdu Wuhou Shrine is a famous temple which is the oldest temple constructed in Chengdu to pay honour to Zhuge Liang, who served as the Chancellor of the Shu Han empire and is recognized as the famous statesman and strategist. Visit this temple and watch out for its features like Zhuge Liang and the other small figures on both the sides of son and grandson. Also, explore this temple and the lovely views dedicated to Liu Bei and high officials and generals in Shu Han and other important statues of ministers.

Dujiangyan Irrigation System

The Dujiangyan Irrigation System is a place which was constructed to prevent catastrophic flooding. Hop into this place, built-in 250 BC. This popular system integrates several earth dams and sections branching out to tributaries and canals, leading to irrigating fields. Visit this Irrigation System to watch out for the Cave of the Heavenly Master, famous statues in Shengong and Xianyuan and Mount Qingcheng Shan. 

The Wenshu Monastery 

Wenshu Monastery is one of the best sightseeing in Chengdu sightseeing. Pay your visit to this beautiful temple which embraces five separate temples constructed from stone and wood. This Monastery came into being in 1691. Since then, this place has been highlighted, including the famous Hall of Shuofa Tang, which comprises ten iron statues of Buddhist guardian gods and 100 bronze sculptures of Buddhist saints and Buddhas that are made exclusively from wood and jade. 

Mount Emei and its Temples

Mount Emei's highest peak is the Peak of Ten Thousand Buddhas, located 160 meters southwest of Chengdu. You will find this mesmerizing peak is an excellent pick for you to spend a day on a trip. Mount Emei is tucked at an elevated height of 3099 meters, regarded as one of the four Holy Mountains. The other three mountains are Mount Wutaishan in Shanxi province, Mount Jiuhuashan in Anhui province and Mount Putuoshan in Zhejiang province.

So guys, how do you like the city? Share your good know-how in the comment section box with us.

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